A Social Media Marketer’s Guide to Online Reputation Management

If you are in the business of using social media to market your product or service, keep reading. Utilizing social media platforms to grow your business is a common trend – and also a necessary one – for business owners around the world.

Although more people are understanding the importance of Facebook and Instagram for promoting their brand many of them don’t realize that reputation management is just as important. Here you can learn about how online reputation management relates to social media and why it is important.

First of all, what is online reputation management?

Reputation management is the practice of managing a business’s reputation. Sounds simple, right? It actually involves a lot of strategies and techniques to keep a company’s reputation positive, especially on social media. There is so much feedback for products and services coming from all directions around the world that it can be quite difficult to manage.

Online social media marketing reputation management involves a variety of tasks used to build a positive social media presence. If you have haters following and commenting on your Facebook accounts then a rep management service can help with that.

Exactly what social media tasks can a reputation management professional assist with?

One of the most common tasks performed by rep management professionals specializing in social media is keeping up-to-date on your social media accounts. These representatives respond to comments, post about relevant news, and deliver information on the product and any upcoming promotions. 

Staying active on social media is extremely important for any business and it is something that a lot of companies let fall by the wayside. It becomes too time consuming to make posts every day and respond to comments from followers. Outsourcing these tasks to someone who specializes in it will free up precious time for you to focus on other tasks throughout the business. You can also leave someone else in charge of dealing with negative news, such as leaving them to remove bad yelp reviews, which takes a weight off your shoulders.

There are a few things you should do before investing in online reputation management…

Before you contact an online reputation management company about their services there are a few things you should do. First you need to determine your goals related to reputation management. Do you need to start from scratch on your social media accounts or just need to increase your activity on them?

You should also compile some necessary information that will make the job of a reputation management professional much easier. How much of a following do you currently have and how much of a following are you hoping for? Is there a generally positive outlook on your company from your Facebook friends and Instagram followers? Try to figure out the facts so that you can discuss these things in your consultation session with a reputation management company.

Of course you don’t need to do too much research beforehand. This is the job of the company you are hiring so don’t spend too much time compiling data. You should have a general idea of your overall social media presence anyways, but you can leave the more in-depth stuff to the professionals.