How to build a successful business by Jason Boreyko

Jason Boreyko was introduced to business from a very young age, 5 to be exact when he used to help his Father with his order job packing boxes, who was a distributor for Amway. At age 18 he decided that he wanted to start his own networking career as a network marketer. Only 8 years later at the age of 26 he became one of the top five earners of $200 million-dollar company.

Jason Boreyko was the Chief Executive Office and one of the founders of one of the fastest growing networking companies of all time. He created a phenomenal marketing system that grew the company to a $100 million company in just over a year. The company continued to grow from strength to strength until it had reached over one billion dollars in sales in just seven years, the company encompassed almost one and a half million distributors all around the USA and eventually the world. Jason’s proudest professional accomplishment is helping to create over forty millionaires and   $350 million in commissions for its members.

Jason therefore knows all of the tips to becoming an extremely successful networking or marketing executive.

Jason claims that one of the most important factors in ensuring success is building rapport with and having good relationships with anyone and everyone you meet. This knowledge of them and their knowledge of you helps build a feeling of trust and friendship between you, which means that they will trust your advice and buy into your products and ideas. One very good tool for doing this is tell them anecdotes – funny stories, share with them some of the times you got it wrong, tell the truth, as they will then know that you are being open and honest with them and that you trust them not to mock your failures.

From this you can move onto showing them examples of what other people think of your work and products, in this modern age with Social Media and a large web base, you can share with them comments, feedback, and direct quotes about the success of your products and how they have improved people’s lives and solved their problems. This will continue to build the clients trust and your standing and reliability. He recommends small amounts of advertising, but the ads must give the exact messages regarding who you are and what you want to achieve.

You can also help yourself by keeping a list of the most frequently asked questions about your business, services and goods, you should spend some time on perfecting answers for these which will promote engagement and trust. By giving your prospective clients the information that they need in a professional, thought out manner they will build trust and rapport with you.

Jason is now entering the field of prompting health improvements and wellness. He is a motivational speaker encouraging people to make the right health choices. He does not believe in health supplements but keeping your body in order, in mind body and spirit.