HOA’s and community events

Part of the duty of an HOA is to give the community an activity program to help build the bonds between the neighbours and to engage them to take pride in where they live. At an Ammcor property cooperative you will find many organized activities especially through the Summer months. This is true of Ammcor who manage property in San Clemente and have gatherings from litter picks to sports fun days to garden parties. They use some of the funds that they receive from monthly fees, but it is important to get the balance right here, the residents want to have a nice day and a little bit of a treat but by the same token they do not want all the spare money spent on a party when it can be used for other things to benefit the community.

There are many events that can be considered by an HOA, which are a good way to bond the community, and some of which have beneficial value for all, a good example of this is a Spring planting day. Have an event that the children will especially love where they get to plant the springtime buds and watch them grow. This will brighten up the neighbourhood but also encourage the children to take care of the area where they live and to perhaps play ball sports in the designated areas not near the flowerbeds!

An Easter egg hunt is always a hit at an HOA like Ammcor! You can get hold of reasonably priced eggs and the children can all come out and find a basketful. Parents will join in with the fun and again this will be a great bonding activity for the neighbourhood.

Why not use some of the amenities that you already have, like a pool party or a tennis competition. You can offer small prizes but as you already have the facilities there will be no extra cost for equipment hire or professional assistance. You could decorate the pool or sports area and prepare a small buffet or snack at minimal cost.

Use the barbecue area for a Summer Cookout, you could encourage your residents to bring their best dish, dessert or to cook on the barbecue. People enjoy cooking for others and showing them what they can do. This will be very enjoyable for all the guests who wish to bring dishes. For those who don’t you could do some burgers and hot dogs. Have some speakers for a bit of party music to create an atmosphere not too loud and not too late though.

Everyone often has clutter that they want to get rid of, but as the saying goes one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. So why not organize a garage sale and invite the wider community. You could use the day as a promotion day and let people see what your HOA do. You could let them see a copy of the newsletter that you use to keep your tenants informed of what is happening.

These events are just some of the reasons that Ammcor reviews are glowing reviews and ratings are very positive. They are the pride of San Clemente.