How Ammcor Improve The Lives Of Its Tenants

I’ve lived in San Clemente, Orange County for around 6 years now, and during that time I have had 3 different landlords. In my view the agreement between a landlord and its tenants should be a very easy one, with tenants abiding by the rules, and landlords doing all that they can to make sure that a tenant feels comfortable. Unfortunately however, this is not always the case and I have had several issues with my previous landlords. It was for this reason then that when I heard that my landlord group were going to be using an association management team, I had some trepidation. In spite of this however, I have had nothing but a wonderful experience with Ammcor, the association management company, and they have brought a great many benefits to all of the tenants in my apartment block. Whether you live in San Clemente or not, I wanted to talk a little about the benefit of Ammcor, and using a association management company.


Ammcor’s biggest strength in my view is their level of communication and the fact that you can get in touch with them very easily. With almost all of my old landlords, actually speaking with them was a nightmare and most communication was done either by email or via answer machine. With Ammcor however, this is not the case and you can ring at any time of day, and speak to a live receptionist who will take your call and actually follow up on it. Equally, any communication which tenants require is redelivered quickly and with absolute transparency.


The bug bear of many tenants around the world is not getting simple issues in the complex fixed in good time, this has certainly been my experience in the past. With this being said however, Ammcor are the complete opposite of those landlords who I have had in the past, and they are always looking to both fix and improve the apartments and the general building. In fact when this association management company came in, as per their reviews, they went from door to door to find out any issues which people had. We believed at  the time that this was simply a tactic to get us on board but the truth is that they soon set about fixing all of the issues in both public spaces and inside the apartments themselves.


I love the professionalism of this company and the biggest benefit which they offer is that they take care of all of the details. For example there were many of my neighbors who had outdated tenant agreements or contracts which were missing vital information. Within weeks of this association management company taking over, they had fixed all of these admin issues, and helped people to feel more secure and more comfortable in their own home, knowing that  these details had been seen to.