David Gordon Fried Talks About Business Event Planning

If you are planning a corporate event then you need to ensure that you have covered all bases and ensure that you get things just right. If a corporate event doesn’t go well, the memory of it will live long in people’s minds, get it right however, and you will go down in the annals of your company’s history. I was lucky enough to speak with investment broker David Gordon Fried last week, who offered some great advice on how to get that corporate event just right. If you are planning an upcoming event, here are some of his pearls of wisdom.

Getting the Basics Right

Before you start worrying about the glitz and glamour of the occasion, it is important that you get the basics right, in order to give your event the best foundation. This includes ensuring that the guest list is small but includes the right people; making sure that the food options are going to be right and more importantly that there will be enough, and finally ensuring that the location which you are using has the amenities that you need, as well as the capacity. Focus on the basics first, before adding any frills.


Every event should have that ‘wow’ moment and once you have the basics right for your event, this is where you need to lay your focus. This type of moment could be a live band or singer, a magician or even a comedian. It is important that you consider your guest list before you start to think about what kind of showstopper you will have, for example a magician maybe wouldn’t go down well in a room of stuffy bankers. Make sure that the moment which you are looking for, fits in with the type of people who you have attending the event.

Dress Code

Adding a dress code to your event can also add a level of class or glitz to your event, and it also gives people an opportunity to dress up and have a really special night. You could keep it simple and request that people wear black ties and dresses, alternatively you could have an option for fancy dress or even add a theme to the event. Make sure that if you do have a dress code, that everyone knows about it, so that nobody is left out.

Themed Night

Finally you could consider adding a theme to your night, there are many to choose from which can really give your corporate event a twist. You could select from any number of themes such as James Bond style, a casino night, 70s themed or anything else which you may think of. Again it is important to understand who is going to your event, because you need people to buy into the theme if it is really going to work.

Plan every detail of your event, and make sure that you always consider the type of guests which you have.