Toronto’s Best Bachelorette Party Escapes

What better excuse for the boys and girls to get away than to book an exciting bachelor or bachelorette party? Prior to your friends entering their married life you owe it to them to give them a send of that is fit and proper. What better way then, than to book up an awesome party in and around Toronto, which has plenty to offer for such an event? To really make the most of a trip to Toronto it makes for a great idea to charter a Toronto mini coach bus rental which means that you can take in multiple locations and better still, nobody has to drive. Here are 5 Toronto destinations which you should be thinking about hitting for your bachelor or bachelorette party.

Wasaga Beach

At the southern end of Ontario’s Georgian Bay is the beautiful Wasaga Beach, the perfect place for a relaxing and sun-soaked break. By day you and the rest of your crew can enjoy the sunshine and some relaxation time on the beach, before hitting Main Street on the evening for some great food and some lively bars.

Niagara Wine Country

Across the other side of Lake Ontario from Toronto you will find wine country, so called thanks to both the rich variety of vineyards here, and to the cultural and vibrant scene which has been created here amongst wine retailers and bars. For a more refined experience why not take on a vineyard tour or sample some of the local wines in some of the sleek and stylish bars which you’ll find on this side of the water?

Niagara Falls

Bachelor and bachelorette parties don’t have to be all about alcohol and some experiences which will get the blood pumping are always recommended. With this in mind it would be almost-criminal not to enjoy the splendor of the world-famous Niagara Falls during your time in Toronto. For the best experience you can buy tickets for the ‘Maid of the Mist’ a boat which will take you right underneath the thousands of tonnes of water which land every second. Alternatively you could take an adventure underneath the ground with the ‘Tour Beneath the Falls’ which will take you on a wet and scary journey underneath the cascading water.

Algonquin Park

Sticking with adventure, another great option for your group would be to head to Algonquin Park, a huge forest area in northern Ontario. Here you can find all manner of activities to put a smile on everyone’s face from zip-lining to kayaking, dog sledding to biking, skiing, swimming and just about everything in-between. A trip into nature like this makes for the perfect 2 day segue before returning back to the madness of the big city.

City Center

There are so many wonderful places in and around Toronto which you can enjoy but don’t forget about the city itself. Some notable places to enjoy here in Toronto are the Distillery District, a selection of restaurants, bars and clubs which are set inside an old 1800s distillery. If the group fancy a flutter then why not enjoy some of Toronto’s finest casinos? Alternatively you can all hit a karaoke bar and sing and drink the night away. And if after a few drinks you’re feeling a little bit adventurous you could try out some Toronto Escorts and really let your wild side out! But of course, if you fancy something more relaxed you can also test yourself in the CN Tower, once the world’s tallest, which has a glass-bottomed floor at the top, who amongst you will be brave enough? Finally if you are looking for some sporting action then you can catch baseball, basketball and ice hockey games right here in the heart of the city, assuming that your schedules coincide.

There is so much to do in both Toronto and the surrounding area that this really is the perfect destination for a bachelor or bachelorette party for your friend. With so much to do it makes sense to plan well ahead, and hopefully these destinations have given you some help in doing just that.