Top Travel Tips for Smooth Airport Security Checks

The travel season is on after enough people get their shots. Once again, we’ll be collectively traversing the maze of airport security. If you haven’t hopped on a flight in a while, it’s a good idea to brush up on the basics. You may have forgotten what it feels like to stand in the security queue with all the beeping and buzzing surrounding your every step.

Thoughtful planning makes life easier. Travel isn’t different in this regard. That’s why we have collected significant takeaways from our trips throughout the years. Read on to learn more about how you can effortlessly breeze through the security before your next flight.

#1: Check the Prohibited Items List of Your Destination

Some prohibited items are universal. You are unlikely to get past the airport security with a hunting knife anywhere in the world. However, it would be best if you watched out for local regulations. For instance, scissors are mostly accepted. But the countries differ in terms of blade length allowed on your carry-on scissors.

When people think of forbidden items on-board, the mind often goes wandering in the apparent direction of things that could be used to hurt someone. In some cases, you could carry something seemingly benign that’s outlawed. That’s because, in some countries, the security collaborates with the customs. Fresh fruits and vegetables, soil, sand, and small animals could get you in serious trouble if you don’t have a permit.

#2: Prepare for Potential Weight Check

This goes out to anyone flying with low-cost airlines, especially in Europe. In most airports, the bag checks are conducted at the gate if you fly low-cost airlines with only a carry-on. You should note that some smaller airports almost exclusively serving no-frills airlines check the baggage compliance in the security line.

This means you should ensure that your carry-on doesn’t exceed the weight nor dimensions as provided by the airline. It would help if you didn’t have more than the number of individual baggage items your carrier allows on the flight per person. You may receive such checks in the security line in London Luton and Milan Bergamo airports.

#3: Consider Purchasing Fast Track Access

In the busiest airports, purchasing fast-track access could be a great idea. This is especially true if you know already that you can’t arrive at the airport early enough. Tight schedules may be remedied by having the golden ticket that gets you through the security quicker. The prices of fast track services vary wildly between different airports across the world.

If you don’t have a tight budget, it could make sense to buy a flight ticket that has a fast-track included. That usually means you’ll be able to get speedy boarding or other perks, too. You’ll have more free time in the boarding lounge: watch Netflix, play online casino, or shop ’til you drop (Tax-Free!) – whatever is your jam!

Should your ticket fail to have such benefits, you can buy the entrance ticket to a separate security check online. It’s better to buy it beforehand instead of finding out that the service can’t be purchased at the last minute.