Top 3 Must-See Sites While Visiting Italy

There is something truly enticing about Italy, as it is one of those countries that offer a bit of everything: magnificent food, ancient wonders, unique landscapes and a broad mix of culture. You’re sure to end up with a notable collection of souvenirs too, so be sure to grab a decent carry bag before setting off on your Italian escapade. If you’re currently planning or daydreaming about a trip to Italy, here are three sites that you should definitely be including in your itinerary.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is located on the southwest coast of Italy and offers a little bit of everything you could want on a trip to this European wonderland. This coastal location is home to the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, towns destroyed by the infamous Mt Vesuvius eruption in AD 79. If luxury is what you’re after though, take a ferry across to the island of Capri for mouth-watering food and a paddle into the Blue Grotto cave. Then, to experience Italian culture at its best, wander amongst the streets of Naples, before making your way to Sorrento to sip on chilled Limoncello and watch the sunset over this breathtaking Mediterranean landscape.


Although constantly abuzz with tourists, you can’t go to Italy without a stop at the mighty Colosseum. There are many options for Rome airport transfers to whiz yourself to the city to begin your tour. Located in the centre of Rome, this ancient amphitheatre is a true testament to Roman engineering and architecture. Once the home of epic gladiator contests, executions and animal hunts, the Colosseum was initially completed in AD 80 and is estimated to have been able to hold between 50,000–80,000 people for its famous spectacles. Still in incredible condition, this Italian masterpiece should not be missed. Every now and then you will visit a place that leaves you completely lost for words – the Colosseum is one of them!

Rialto Bridge

Located in Venice, this beautiful construction is one of four bridges that cross the city’s Grand Canal. The oldest bridge across this canal, Rialto initially started life as a pontoon bridge in 1181. The stone bridge that stands there today was completed in 1591. Still standing strong, this bridge is now a Venetian architectural icon. Although you shouldn’t miss taking a stroll across it, the best way to see the Rialto Bridge is from the water on a famous gondola ride. Also, the great thing about the bridge’s location in Venice is the beautiful islands that surround this watery city, including the glass-blowing wonder of Murano. A great idea is to use the Rialto Bridge as your starting point and branch out to explore from there!

There is no denying that Italy is a magical place, and you would be hard-pressed to find someone that either hasn’t been there or doesn’t desperately want to go. You could spend weeks, months, or even years exploring this country and still not see everything. However, by including a balance of must-sees like the ones above, you are guaranteed to have the trip of a lifetime.