The Road to Nowhere – Best Things to See Along US Route 83

Popularly known as the road to nowhere, US Route 83 is one of the most underrated highways in the state. However, the route is actually really important which stretches from Canada to Mexico, making it the shortest recognized route between the two countries. While people think that there is almost nothing worthy to be called an attraction, in reality, there is a lot to be explored here. So, if you are planning to traverse the road to nowhere, have a look at some of the amazing spots here that you should not miss out on:

Gol Stave Church Museum

One of the places that you should definitely stop by is the Gol Stave Church Museum in Minot, North Dakota. This place is essentially a replica of a popular Norwegian church built during the 12th century. You can find the building in the Scandinavian Heritage Park. Here, you will also come across the statue of Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish windmill. There is also a 25-foot-tall sculpture of a Swedish Dala horse that is amazing to look at.

North Dakota State Railroad

The railroad has paid a major role in the history of this country. And there are a lot of reasons to get excited about witnessing one. You should definitely stop by the North Dakota State Railroad in Mandan which has a lot of things that you can explore. Right from vintage train cars to ancient buildings, you can take your own sweet little time to know more about this place.

Fort Clark Historic Site

If you are a history buff, you would love the Fort Clark Historic Site and learn more about the rich Native American history surrounding the Plains of North Dakota. You will be amazed to come across the archaeological remains of Arikara and Mandan tribes- two settlements here during the early 19th century.

State Historical Society/Cultural Heritage Center

Moving toward South Dakota, you will come across the State Historical Society/Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre which will give you an opportunity to dive into the immersive and rich state’s history. Right from the native Americans to the early settlers, you will get to learn a lot of things here.

Pioneer Auto Museum

There is something that is truly fascinating about cars. So, if you are ready to be charmed, you should definitely visit the Pioneer Auto Museum where you can take a glimpse of the enormous collection of automobiles from the 1910s to 1980s. You can also have a look at the collection of old toys and even pick up some memorabilia on your way back. This might even inspire you to transform your own car. We would recommend you avail some of the best mobile car detailing services before you begin your road trip.

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There is a lot that you can see and do while traversing US Route 83. You may even come across some amazing wineries like The road to nowhere? Probably not!