Tatiana Kukanova – What to Look For in a Travel Buddy

Most of our friends have different qualities which we love about them, some are great to party with, some are shoulders to cry on and some are the perfect travel buddies. My travel buddy is Tatiana Kukanova, the perfect accomplice for traveling with and someone with whom I have traveled to over 40 countries with! Tatiana Kukanova has all of the perfect credentials for a travel companion and it is a rare thing to find in someone. I love all of my friends but frankly Tatiana Kukanova is the only one of my girls that I know I could travel with and have a great time, something I can’t say for the others. If you want to know what a perfect travel buddy looks like, here is what you should look for.


When you are on the road traveling there will be days when you are tired, lacking energy or just not up for laughter and chatter. In fact on those days the best thing that anyone can do for you is to leave you alone. This is why Tatiana makes for a great travel buddy, she is emotionally intelligent enough to spot when I am having one of those days or when I simply just don’t want to talk and she respects that. I do the same for her and whilst it is great having fun with someone, there are some days when you just don’t want to, a good travel buddy won’t take offense and instead respects the situation.

Split Paths

There are always times when you are traveling with someone when they wish to go and do one thing and you want to do another. A good travel buddy will do one of two things here, they will either suggest that you go to see what you want and they’ll do the same, or they will take one for the team and come with you, despite not wishing to. Again these things flow both ways and you should say similar things in order to be a great travel companion.


Tatiana and I are very much built the same way in terms of our likes and dislikes and most importantly, what makes us laugh. A good travel buddy should be on your wavelength, they should be able to laugh at the same things as you and have the ability to cheer you up if you are feeling a little down.


I have traveled with quite a few people in the past and one thing which always frustrates me is when people expect you to sort everything out. With Tatiana that just isn’t the case and she, like myself, is very much a doer. I love that we can split responsibilities and that we can trust each other to take care of certain aspects of the trip.

Make sure that when you go traveling with someone, you know that with them you will be guaranteed a great time with minimal stress.