Prague’s Must-Visit Hidden Gems

When looking to visit Prague, there are a number of benefits you should consider. Not only there several amazing hotels and historical landmarks, but there is plenty of culture to experience along the way. Before booking the flights to your secret escape in Prague, it is important to organise important documentation such as your passport and an ehic card replacement, as you will need them in order to travel. It is vital that this is completed 6 months in advance as this will ensure you have the documentation in time before you leave to help relieve the stress. In this article, we are going to give you a list of some of Prague’s must-visit hidden gems to add to your holiday checklist.

Prague Astronomical Clock

Visiting Prague is an amazing idea for several reasons, but one of the biggest is for all things weird and wonderful. One of the most unusual locations to visit in Prague is the astronomical clock. This symbol of medieval art was built by Master Hanus. This clock has been working for over 600 years and displays the time, date, position of celestial bodies, astronomical cycles and Christian Holidays. This is the perfect wonderful location for you to visit if you love history as this is the very height of medieval history.

Dancing House of Prague

Another amazing location for you to visit is the dancing house in Prague. This amazing location was designed in 1992 by Croatian architect Vlado Milunic and was completed in 1996. This intricate building includes a vast amount of twist and turns to reflect the movement made by dancers. This stunning building is located on a site of a house that was destroyed by a US bombing on Prague in 1945. By building this intricate building in its place, it is the perfect way to remember a tragedy by making it into something that will be remembered by many.

R2-D2 In Prague

Street art is a huge part of the culture in Prague and has made a number of amazing locations such as the Lennon wall and the newest addition, the nuclear shelter vent that has been turned into R2-D2. For fans of all things Sci-fi, this is another amazing location for you to visit for the very best of the weird and wonderful. This R2-D2 pattern is great for both children and adults and is the ideal stop on a busy day to take a picture and look at something a little more light-hearted than the traditional medieval architecture.

The Dripstone Wall

The final location to visit in Prague is the dripstone wall. This location is within the walls of the Wallenstein palace and is the perfect place to explore with the family. In addition to the unusual drip stone wall, there are water fountains and outstanding flower gardens to spend your time searching. In addition to this, there are several amazing statues littered around the grounds. In addition to this, the state rooms of the palace are open to the public and are free to visit on the weekends, making this a perfect location for those that are visiting Prague on a tight budget.

With all this in mind, there are several locations available in the centre of Prague as well as around the outskirts of the city to cater to all the needs and wants of your holiday. In addition to this, flights and accommodation are also an affordable price allowing you to have the best possible time regardless of the budget you have set.