Javier Burillo – Reasons to Fall in Love With Comida Corrida

if you are eating food in Mexico, and you are a little tired of the street food then comida corrida is the perfect option for you. This was originally designed as food for the working class, who could come and get some high quality lunch during their day. These days however just about everyone in the city enjoys this food choice and there is no doubt that it will leave you filled up and happy.

If you haven’t heard of this kind of food before, here is exactly why you are going to love it.

What Exactly Is Comida Corrida?

Comida corrida is served in many locations around Mexico, in small restaurants which are locally known as ‘fondas’. What you will get each day is a set menu which includes a soup to start with, then a main meal of your choice and finally some small dessert. You will also receive a delicious flavored water with your meal. Each day the menu changes so that there is always plenty to choose from.

Meals Like At Home

One of the real charms of this kind of food is that it is more like home cooking than any other restaurant which you will find. This is because the meals which they make here are made in the exact same way that they would make those meals at home, only on a bigger scale. What you will get in these kinds of restaurants is good quality ingredients and hearty food which will ensure that you are filled up for the afternoon.

Incredibly Cheap

When my buddy Javier Burillo first brought me here the first thing that really blew me away was the price. Not only this however, I was also concerned that because the price was so low, that there would be some kind of catch, or that the food would just taste really bad. I shouldn’t have worried however because as it turns out, the food was incredibly good quality. The reason they can keep the prices so low is that they are only cooking a small range of meals and because they are doing that in bulk, they can pass the saving on. For as little as $2.50 you can enjoy a full menu each and every day.

Range of Meals

If you go to the same fonda each day then you will not run out of things to try because the menu changes so much. Usually you will have a chicken soup each day, but the second option will change. With regards to your main meal you can usually find a chicken breast and some tacos dorados on the menu each day, with 3 or 4 dishes which change daily. This gives you such a great range of food to choose from so that you will never get sick and tired of eating the same thing all of the time.

There is no doubt that this is the best way to spend your lunchtime in Mexico.