How to Take the Stress Out of a Family Getaway

The thought of a family vacation will likely bring a smile to your face. It will provide an opportunity to spend quality time with your children and your other half while embracing fun activities, new dishes, and a picturesque backdrop.

However, a vacation with the whole clan can lead to stress at an airport, conflict between kids, and the occasional temper tantrum. To ensure a smooth, hassle-free break with your nearest and dearest, find out how to take the stress out of a family getaway.

Prepare for Your Kids’ Temperaments

No-one will know your kids better than you. In addition to understanding their wants and needs, you will also be aware of triggers for their discomfort or crankiness. For example, if they grow tired and hungry when spending many hours at a museum, you can counteract their low energy levels and rumbling stomachs by packing snacks in your bag. By considering your children’s temperaments, you could prevent their bad behavior or general grumpiness.

Prep for the Airport

Many parents will dread traveling with children, as they will need to arrive at an airport on schedule, wait in busy lines, and entertain them during a flight. There are, however, ways to reduce stress when heading to an airport.

For example, you should reserve a spot at an airport parking lot that is close to your terminal at, which can lower your stress levels while ensuring you don’t miss your flight. You also could prevent restlessness and boredom during a flight by stocking up on various forms of entertainment for your kids, such as:

  • Books
  • Coloring books and pencils
  • Movies and TV shows
  • Board games
  • Magazines
  • Puzzles

You also should pack their favorite sandwiches and snacks in a carry-on, which can keep hunger at bay and create a more enjoyable flight for the kids and mom and dad.

Set a Limit on Screen Time

Most kids will not want to give up their smartphones and tablets, even when they are on vacation at a stunning destination. However, the devices could impact quality time with your family and even cause unruly behavior.

They are believed to cause a sensory overload that can deplete children’s mental energy and focus. As a result, it could lead to angry outbursts or unwanted arguments. To avoid conflict during a getaway, set a limit on screen time to ensure both you and your kids have an unforgettable break.

Don’t Fill Your Itinerary

A jam-packed schedule can lead to tiredness and arguments. While you might want to pack as many attractions into a vacation as possible, it shouldn’t be at your kids’ expense. An itinerary should provide time to visit a zoo, theme park, or famous attraction and leave  enough room for spontaneity. It will allow you to make time for a park they want to visit or a restaurant they would love to try, which can avoid disappointment. Plus, the spontaneous activity could become the highlight of your son or daughter’s trip.