How to Successfully Choose the Best Hotel in the United Arab Emirates

Vacations are a perfect way to unwind and take a break from the bustle and hustle of daily life. Everyone looks forward to kicking their shoes off and inhale the sweetest smell of freedom. This sweet holiday dream may come true if you take a vacation to the right place, like the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

UAE is popular for its relentless sunshine and golden dunes, which roll on for miles. Being home to the tallest building globally, you can see some luxurious hotels, which you can book. To successfully choose the best hotel in the UAE, the following are helpful strategies you can consider:

1. Be Familiar with the Holy Grail of Services

Most hotels offer four main services, including a parking lot, breakfast, Wi-Fi, and air-conditioning. Before you book any hotel, you need to confirm if there are any additional charges associated with these services.

Some hotel websites may list amenities, like breakfast, without a price next to it. However, this does not indicate that the amenity is free of charge.

2. Consider a Saving Tip

You may book a hotel online. These days, there are a lot of service providers and online portals that offer booking services at a good rate. For long weekend staycations in Dubai, some portals may offer first-time booking perks or different coupons.

You may avail some of these perks to get hotels at a cheap rate. You can also see pictures and read reviews of different hotels on these online portals so as to make the right choice.

3. Prioritize the Location

A centralized hotel can be suitable. Most travelers may want to be next to the beach or in the city center.

If you have taken a business trip, you may want to stay near commercial centers and where the meeting will take place. Time is valuable, and a suitable location in the UAE will help you save it.

4. Know the Best Time to Book

Usually, peak or high season sees fuller hotels, less flexibility, and higher costs. Therefore, booking offseason may get you cheaper costs, especially if you want to book hotels in Fujairah during long weekend.

Shoulder season may also be a perfect time to go to the UAE because most attraction sites are less crowded.

5. Look at the Map

Proximity to attractions, airport, and public transportation, are some of the details that hotel descriptions may have. However, it might take time to read every detail and remember everything. This is why it may be necessary to use a map instead.

You can go around with a map until it shows the part of the country you want to stay. Various booking sites may display every hotel, even when some don’t meet your requirements. It would be for you to distinguish hotels, which match your criteria from the ones that don’t.


To choose the best hotel in UAE, you need to ensure you check with the reservation agent before you take your trip. You can make a call or send an email if you have more time before your vacation.

Always choose what suits your desires and needs, especially when a hotel was recommended by a friend or colleague in the office.