Hong Kong Airport Arrival Procedure

Your favorite holiday destination is all set for exploration. Unleash your tensions with an impeccable vacation in the most loved vacation spot. Hong Kong has always been the most preferred destination for all the wanderlusts. Every year millions of tourists enjoy the mouth-watering Dim sums in the skyscraping restaurants that draw a stunning silhouette of the city touching the wide blue yonder. With complete precautionary measures, the fabled tourist spot is geared up to welcome tourists. Get to know the Hong Kong Airport Arrival Procedure to make your visit easy and hassle-free.

Before you arrive at the Hong Kong airport you need to keep your health declaration form ready. Once you arrive there shall be a temperature check at the security which is done before you move on to the testing area.

At the testing area, the government health officials would check and scan the QR code that you get after you complete the health declaration form.  The next step is getting a lanyard with a QR code and COVID-19 testing kit.

For the test, it is required for you to take a nasal and throat swab test at the assigned booth. After the test, proceed to the registration area to get the result, inform details of your stay, for example, the purpose of the visit, accommodation, duration of the stay, etc.  As per the orders you need to stay quarantined at the designated hotels.

Getting the results:

After you complete the test wait for 2 or 3 hours for the results, remember; while you wait you can’t access your checked-in baggage. The airport has light snacks and water available to have while you wait for the results and the quarantine order. If you test negative you will be directed to the arrival hall and proceed to the quarantine hotel with your baggage via direct transport to the hotel. In case you get a positive result the health officials will guide you on the next steps.


Now that you have completed the task, all you have to do is spend the quarantine at the hotel peacefully and plan for the fun ahead. Although, quarantine is a mandate, you can think of it positively and utilize the time alone as a stress-reliever. The isolation gives you the much-needed tranquility that is only possible by disconnecting with things physically bound with. Once you are in the hotel your time for the quarantine procedure starts. You must follow all the instructions like checking the temperature twice a day and continuing the basic sanitization measures. The health officials will take the test again on the 11th day for the second sample. And the third test will be after 8 or 9 days as per the instructions.

These are the safety measures to curb the spread of the deadly virus therefore you need to be a little patient during the quarantine. There are many ways you can still be productive even in the quarantine.

The quarantine hotels ensure that you get the best facilities during your stay with comfort and convenience as the priority. You will feel refreshed and relaxed with the clean and lavish ambiance. Each of the hotels is implementing the highest degree of safety protocols in place to provide a safe stay for the visitors. Even for the quarantine hotels, you must check the latest rules as even these are updated regularly by the authorities similar to the travel measures.

Perks at the hotels:

Technology-driven: The hotels are technically equipped to keep you entertained with Wi-Fi, coffee, and tea-making machines are lifesavers, especially when you have lovely balconies that offer scenic views of the city. Airplay, iPad Mini with preloaded apps, and Bluetooth-enabled speakers and TV channels provide unlimited access to music TV shows, movies.

Luxurious ambiance: The bespoke interiors with a contemporary ensemble of lighting, art, and furniture make the place a delightful nestling cocoon. Some hotels offer harbor views of the city; you can plan an itinerary after the quarantine at the spectacles of the city.

Food: The hotels have different policies, so confirm before checking in.  One of the hotels – Mira Moon Hotel Hong Kong has a special ‘Quarantine on the Moon’ package for 21 nights’ accommodation, and they offer three meals a day delivered to your door.

Be aware of the restrictions and protocols set by the government, it will help you to plan the holiday. The country has set guidelines for reopening only for few places based on the infection rate.