Explore the Hidden Gems of Scotland

The North part of the United Kingdom is famous for Scotland. The country is very charming and attracts tourists around the world. The mountains, rivers, sky, beautiful hills, greenery and bustling city will fascinate you. This year, if you’re planning for a tour then Scotland can be the best destination for you. Let there be an adventurous holiday or a relaxing break, Scotland will give you all to make the trip memorable.

Taste the incredible landscape, beauty and culture. You’re definitely aware of the popular tourist spots in Scotland, but this time doesn’t settle with less but go deep. Explore the hidden exotic places in Scotland.

· Dunrobin Castle

Do you know Dunrobin Castle is one of the oldest houses in Britain which is still inhabited? The castle was never left vacated; it’s still filled with people living together. There are 189 rooms in the castles; can you imagine how big they will be? Dunrobin Castle is the largest castle in the northern Highlands. Sir Charles Barry has designed this fairytale-like castle. He has also designed the London House of parliament. Dunrobin Castle has an awesome French architectural touch that will soothe your eyes.

· St. Ninian’s Tombola

The Shetland of Scotland has St. Ninian beach. The blue water and warm sand will please your soul. The beach stretches till the middle of the sea. The scene will capture your attention completely. You can enjoy yourself under the sun and feel the breeze. St. Ninian’s Tombolo is best for Sundays. You can drive or do cycling along the coastal line and soak your skin under the sunlight.

· Sandwood Bay

If you’re a water baby or love to go hiking, then Sandwood Bay is also suitable for your holidays. The best part about Sandwood Bay is that it’s not visited by many tourists. So, you will be able to enjoy awesome vibes. Go straight to the Bay and connect to nature. Soak your feet in the water and look at the beautiful sky.

· Dunnottar Castle

This castle of Scotland is known as the most magical castle in the country. The Dunnottar Castle will completely cut you off from the present world. It’s like a time machine; the way to Dunnottar Castle will take you to the 90s. This is the best place for a peaceful holiday with your loved ones. You won’t get any direct transport to Dunnottar Castle; either hiking or cycling will take you there. Take a tour guide along with you, because this place is hard to find.

· Loch Glencoul

Want to have some adventure? Then go for Loch Glencoul. If you go to Loch Glencoul through the Inchnadamph, then you will be able to get a glance at Eas’a Chul Aluinn. There will be a lot of bothies scattered around Scotland, but Loch Glencoul is the best out of them. This place is located in Assynt. Enjoy the awesome view and take the advantage of being away from the city life. Set up a bonfire at night or play some good music, everything will please you. There will be a one-bedroom, where six people can adjust. At the end of the day, the experience which you get will be fabulous.

· Cluanie

Scottish Highland has another hidden gem – Cluanie. The place looks remarkable. The hill and stream will please your soul. Near this place, you will be able to enjoy yourself at Cluanie Inn, which is one of the best pubs. No one will ever forget the natural beauty; enjoy gorgeous scenery that is suitable for picnic hiking or grabbing a bite of a sandwich. The road will lead you to heaven.

Take time for yourself and plan for a tour to peaceful places on the earth. Also make sure get your travel visa at Visa Express. Scotland is known as the heaven on earth. This country has remarkable scenic beauty; so travel around St. Mary’s Loch, Perthshire Tourist Route, Angus Coastal Route, Union Canal, Loch Katrine and many other places. Be the first in your group to explore these exotic areas. The colourful sky and land will catch the attention. No, matter how you feel; the moment you land in Scotland, you will be able to feel the peace all around you.