Everything You Should Know About da Hong Pao Tea.

Da Hong Tea is considered the crème de la crème in the tea industry. It is among the best and highly nutritious type of tea manufactured in China. The tea has a distinctive rock taste as some of it is planted in the Wu Yi mountains, thus giving it the name Wu Yi rock tea. This type of tea consists of well-organized buds that include long shoots. Its leaves are dark-green in color, and they have a brown tone to them. Its leaves are long and have a high aroma, unique patterns, and a pleasant smell. It is costly to purchase, and is usually reserved for only important guests. Below we look at some benefits of the da Hong Pao tea.

Historically, tea gardeners have scrambled up the mountains and fit inside of the smallest of gorges and stood on the steepest of slopes. Although the world underneath may have developed, the same growing method applies today, with a handful of tea bushes balanced precariously on a limestone face, with da Hong Pao being among one of the teas to be grown this way. The original du Hong Pao trees were placed on the temple land, but were left to be managed by the government. Production then was tightly controlled, meaning that the cost of the tea was high and was extremely hard to get hold of. Now, of course, production is not so tightly controlled, and although the tea is still rare, it is possible for purchase in this country, meaning everyone can get hold of this beneficial tea.

1. It helps with weight loss

Consuming excess food can lead to difficulties in digestion and others gut problems, such as bloating. A cup of tea may be of help in such instances. Not only is a mug of Da Hong Pao tea refreshing, but it is also useful in ensuring you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Being rich in powerful antioxidants and caffeine means that this tea can assist in boosting your metabolism, allowing your stomach to properly digest foods both quickly and effectively. This tea will also keep your stomach and gut healthy, helping with the breakdown of food to ensure that your intestines’ main task will be to absorb food.

2. It can help to maintain a healthy heart

Drinking this tea will also ensure that your heart health is improved. This is because the polyphenols present in tea are thought to lower the unwanted cholesterol that is present in our blood. It also prevents the accumulation of plaque on the walls of the arteries, thus keeping you safe from unwanted heart conditions. If you do have any heart conditions, we would suggest going to see your doctor first as this tea does contain caffeine content.

3. Ensures you are always alert mentally

This tea brand consists of a specific amount of caffeine that makes sure you are alert and busy throughout the day. The bloodstream will absorb the caffeine from the tea, slowly making it last longer than the other quantities of caffeine present in coffee. It is also made up of the L-theanine acid, which gives your mind a soothing effect and makes the nerves to calm.

Most people know that too much caffeine can have harmful effects such as harmful anxiety effects, a higher blood pressure and fatigue when the caffeine kick wares off. To avoid these harmful effects, try to consume moderate amounts of caffeine to get the true benefits of the tea such as a higher metabolism, as mentioned earlier.

4. Makes your immune system stronger

Have you ever asked yourself why you are always running for a coffee cup whenever you feel ill? Just one sip and your body will react positively to it. An excellent coffee cup does more than provide you with the comforting feeling your body craves, but also gives the body the much needed minerals and nutrients needed to fight off bacteria and viruses. This tea contains antioxidants that help to build your immune system and replace the damaged cells keeping you safe from future immune-response driven  attacks. This tea is also thought to keep you safe from the cellular cells’ damage which can later cause cancer.

5. Helps to maintain healthy skin

The antioxidants within this tea are those that are essential for the healthy maintenance and balance of our skin. Not only can these antioxidants slow down the effects of premature ageing, but drinking da Hong Pao tea regularly may help if you have problems with dark spots, skin texture and can even help with wrinkles!

Tea has been known to reverse the effects of premature ageing, due to the high amount of antioxidants found present in tea. Antioxidants can also have an extremely positive effect on environmental and pollution stress on your skin, meaning that you can stay looking healthier, for longer. Antioxidants have also shown some benefits with acne in the skin, since a healthier lifestyle in general can clear your system of any harmful bacteria that may promote acne hormones.


With the Da Hong Pao tea elaborated and its health benefits listed, it is clear that consuming it will massively impact your health.