Why You Should Choose A Liveaboard Vacation


Are you a diver? Maybe you’re looking at becoming certified and want to do something truly unique after you get your open water or advanced open water and are looking for the ultimate diving experience. Wings Boat Charter Whitsundays state that there are many great diving locations around the world, however a liveaboard vacation on a boat charter can give you an even greater experience. These can be done in conjunction with a longer holiday in your destination of choice – spending a few days on your liveaboard and a few days (or longer) exploring other things in the region. Here are the top reasons to add a liveaboard portion to your next holiday.

All Inclusive

Liveaboard holidays are typically all inclusive, meaning you get your food and accommodation along with a number of dives per day. Alcohol may or may not be included – it depends on the company you are doing it through, so check ahead. Liveaboards are fantastic in the sense that you will be under the expert care of qualified and experienced professionals and crew who know all the great spots for ideal diving, meaning you will get to check out dive sites that aren’t often accessed by those who do simply day trips. Liveaboards mean you aren’t in a rush to get back to shore for the day, so you can go further afield to check out some truly wonderful locations usually not accessible.

This doesn’t even include us touching on the fact that out on the open water, free from light pollution you will be in an ideal position to do some seriously heavy duty stargazing! Amazing!

Meet New People

Taking a trip on a liveaboard holiday is a great way to meet new people, especially if you’re travelling by yourself. Living right on board the boat means that you will spend much of each day with the same people, allowing you all to bond and get to know each other while participating in shared interests and activities such as diving and more. Share stories over communal dinners, make friendships that will last a lifetime, and perhaps even pick up another solo travel buddy that you can move on to your next destination with! Win – win!

A Taste Of Luxury

Some of the boats that provide liveaboard opportunities are truly gorgeous and could be considered luxury yachts rather than working diving boats. In truth, most of the liveaboard boats in the industry will be of a fairly high calibre and provide fantastic amenities, services and more. Diving off a beautiful boat with expert crew and coming back on board just gives you the feel of being a big name in movies or business for a week – imagining yourself away from the stresses of modern life, out in the middle of the water with nothing to worry about aside from being catered to and diving to your heart’s content. What could be better, and we hear the food is pretty perfect too!


So if you’re looking for the ultimate option in diving and getting out in the water, consider doing a liveaboard holiday when you’re at your destination, regardless of whether you’re on a short holiday or you’re travelling long term. Either way, experiencing multiple dives per day alongside like minded people and a touch of luxury on board the ship means you will have memories to cherish forever.