4 Awesome Cities to Visit After Lockdown Ends

Millions of people are itching to go out on the Harry Potter Studio Tour or vacation right now. However, due to international travel restrictions and fears over the spread of COVID-19, relatively few people are going to travel in 2020. True, some cities, states, and countries are beginning to open up again –– incrementally. And progress is being made in diagnosing, treating, and preventing COVID-19.

Still, the fact remains that most people will be stuck in their home for a good few months further. With that in mind, today we’re going to share some travel recommendations for people who just can’t wait to plan their next holiday. Here are four awesome cities that are especially worth a visit when the world returns to “normal.”


There are few cities as big, diverse, and historically significant as London. Plain and simple, London has something for everyone. From magnificent art galleries, to famous landmarks, to world-class theater and sports, London really does have it all. London is a city teeming with life and excitement, so it’s an excellent vacation destination for someone looking to shake off the lockdown blues.

Buenos Aires

The beautiful and scenic capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is a city with a multitude of exciting attractions. On the same day, you can take in the sun on the beaches outside the city, bask in the unique architecture of the region, and enjoy some of the finest foods and wines in all of South America. What’s not to love?


Tokyo is a fabulous blend of new and old, east and west, fresh and familiar. For many, Japanese culture is fascinating and exotic, and there’s no place better to experience everything Japan has to offer than Tokyo. Whether you enjoy the bustling nightlife or the more solemn historical attractions, Tokyo is a brilliant vacation idea for anyone who enjoys adventure. Just make sure to pack all of your travel accessories before you go.


Boston is not the biggest city in the United States. Nor is it the most famous, the warmest, or most recognizable. Still, there is something special about this old and distinctive town. It is steeped in colonial tradition, while also boasting many modern attractions –– including whale-watching sessions just outside of the harbor. Not to mention, Boston restaurants offer a vast and delicious array of local seafood and craft-beer options for your  dining pleasure. If New York seems a bit too big and expensive, Boston will prove the perfect alternative.


If you positively can’t wait and have to travel to another city, then it’s important to look up the best private jet company you can find to limit your exposure to others. Otherwise, keep this list handy and start planning your ultimate, post-lockdown holiday. It’s sure to be a blast whatever you decide!