3 Tips for a Sustainable Vacation

If you’re planning a trip this fall, sustainability might not be on your mind. One thing that many people fail to consider when traveling is the impact of doing so on the planet. Whether you’re taking a weekend trip to a nearby tourist attraction or planning an overseas vacation, traveling can have harmful effects on the environment and negative impacts on the communities in the destinations to which you are traveling. Here are a few tips for sustainable tourism that you can put into practice before your next trip. 

1. Travel Efficiently 

Tourists are responsible for a large percentage of the world’s harmful emissions caused by transportation. Many scientists consider harmful methods of transportation to be one of the most significant contributors to climate change. It should come as no surprise that flying and even driving long distances are not efficient methods of transportation when it comes to their impact on the environment. Taking trains or energy-efficient buses is the best way to travel, especially when only going a short distance.

2. Conserve Energy 

When most people are on vacation, conserving resources like energy is typically not a top priority. When staying at a hotel, you aren’t paying the power bill; so why not set the air conditioning as low as it will go? Or, what’s the harm in leaving a few lights on in your room while you head out for a night on the town? While these things might not have financial consequences for you, they are likely to have severely negative impacts on the planet and can put a strain on the resources available to locals. Remember to conserve energy and resources by using electricity, water, and more sparingly. 

3. Keep Money Local 

One of the biggest tips for sustainable travel is to invest money in the local economy where you are visiting. Stay in locally owned hotels, dine at restaurants owned by community members, and keep your activities limited to those approved and facilitated by locals instead of giving money to bigger chains or corporations that are putting these locals at risk by allowing tourism to dominate their own communities. While major companies like top medical scribe companies are not bad, it is better to give money to their local competitors while enjoying a trip to a particular destination.