What Can a Real Estate Agent Do That You Can’t? 5 Things That Only Come With Experience

There is a reason why there are few properties sold by owners on the market. Real estate experts indicate that agents have negotiating skills and objectivity that sellers don’t have. In an active market like Dubai, it can be very challenging for a seller to engage alone. Even if you are not a first time seller, it is always advisable to involve an agent. However, you have to choose the right agent.

If you are looking forward to buying a property in Dubai, you should consider the off plan property market Dubai. For instance, there are numerous Emaar off plan projects in Dubai spread across the city. In addition, most of the apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai and City walk apartments are also sold in the off-plan market.

Here are things that a real estate agent can do that you cannot do for yourself

1. Unbiased evaluation of your home

Most homeowners will look at their property in the eyes of the memories they have made in the house. Most homeowners have a special attachment to their homes and that connection makes them think the home is worth much more. What they don’t know is that they might be overpricing their homes and very few buyers will bother to consider overpriced houses.

Fortunately, a real estate agent will make an unbiased evaluation of your home based on several factors such as the neighbourhood, the market condition, etc. Also, an agent will market your home on various platforms, including the real estate page.

2. In-depth comparative market analysis

Nowadays, there are numerous sites online that provide real estate information. There are also estimators that can help you estimate the value of your house. This will only provide you with a rough idea. However, when selling a home, a rough idea is not enough. An agent will be able to evaluate a comprehensive set of statistics in the market to evaluate your home.

3. Other players

The right real estate agent should understand the importance of professional relationships. For instance, he/she should know the best real estate attorney to help with legal issues. Also, the agent will know the right contractors or home improvement professionals.

4. Agents vet buyers

An experienced real estate agent will be able to point out a serious buyer and a joker. Most seller’s agent checks up on the finances of the potential buyer before even arranging for a show.

5. Insider knowledge to negotiate

When selling your property on own, you might be forced to make a weaker position or sell at a lower price. This is because you are negotiating with an experienced buyer’s agent. That is why it is very important to involve a seller’s agent when selling your property.