Top Tips On Moving Home Efficiently

Moving to a new home, or office, or even just transporting any large items of furniture you have, is always going to be a bit frustrating. There are just so many things to consider. So many plans and precautions to be made and taken. And that’s before you’ve even tried to move anything!

Around ¾ of moves in the UK are people moving home but still staying within the UK. Within that the most popular time for moving seems to be the last Friday and Saturday in a month. Particularly around autumn time. We like moving it seems. Well, maybe not the moving, but the results of the move.

Advice About Moving

The Government guidance on moving home, which has recently been updated to include moving advice during the current Covid-19 pandemic, provides information on things to consider when making your move.

The regulations were amended to make clear that ‘people who wish to move home can do so’. They provide guidance and ‘important public health information to ensure that moving home, and key activities…such as viewing property, can happen safely’.

Any help in making your move a happy and efficient one, such as hiring movers like, is always going to be welcome. So here are some top tips on moving home efficiently.

Which?, who are known for expert advice and reviews, have a great 4-week checklist that will help you on your way. It provides a handy guide for what you need to do, and when, to make your move as smooth and efficient as possible. There are even some tips for when your move is complete.

Moving Home

4 Weeks To Go

Order packing cases and materials.

Plan where furniture will go and dispose of unwanted items.

Book the days needed off work (If any).

Declutter and throw out what you don’t need.

2 Weeks To Go

Inform utility companies that you’re moving.

Complete the Post Office mail redirection form.

Inform TV signal supplier and TV licence.

Begin packing non‐essentials – start outside or at the top of the house.

Run down the freezer.

Get your phone number redirected.

One Week To Go

Inform the people on your finance and medical lists.

Tell your council and ask for a statement on your council tax.

Inform the car and household insurance firms.

Organise who will care for your children or pets during the move.

Two Days To Go

Defrost the freezer.

Prepare a box of moving day essentials.

Set aside things you will be transporting.

Disconnect dishwashers etc.

Label items and keys for the new owner.

Moving Day

Strip the beds.

Lay down sheets to protect floors.

Set aside your vacuum for last-minute cleaning.

Label where boxes and furniture should go in your new home.

After Moving

Pay stamp duty land tax.

Change locks.

Take meter readings, keep records and contact utility companies

While the advice isn’t extensive it gives a clear indication of the sheer number of things you have to consider when moving home. And each is vitally important in its own way. There’s a lot to take in and remember.

Having some clear guidance on moving certainly helps. But it doesn’t make much difference to the actual logistics in moving everything.

Moving, even when fully prepared, can still be a trying experience. You worry, you stress. You know it is going to take a little bit of time and are unable to really relax until that time is over.

It makes absolute sense then to take that unnecessary stress and worry out of your hands and hire a professional to do the job. A trusted, fully-insured, professional with over 25 year’s experience might just do the trick.

That way you can take the toughest of burdens off yourself and relish more in the thoughts of all the good times your new home will bring.