Save money and repair at Lake Canyon smart phone repair, rather than replace, that broken smartphone

Lake Canyon smart phone repair are available to repair any problem on any phone. There is nothing more annoying than that smartphone slipping from your hands, time seems to go in slow motion as you watch it tumble and fall, watching avidly as it lands will it be broken, turning it over and finding that it is. It won’t turn on or the screen is cracked and you just want to cry.

In spite of the often high prices that it costs to repair phones it is still quite often the best cost effective way in comparison to buying a new phone.  Batteries, screens and water damage are the most common problems with phones and these are also sometimes the easiest to repair. Be aware though, batteries will lose twenty percent of their power over two years and this is pretty much unavoidable.

Screens are usually the first thing to go after you have dropped your phone. The ease at which they are removed however has helped out the repair man greatly and also keeps costs lower. Water damage is a big problem and it is very hard to fix unless it was only a little splash which you can usually dry out at home with a tub of rice to soak up the moisture.

Phones such as an I phone will require specific tools for the job such as what is called a penta lobe screwdriver. As repairing these phones can be pretty straight forward once you get in, it is unfair of the repair person to charge you over the odds. The repair person can easily fix the screen, battery and so on. If the phone is a very new phone it can be costly as it is hard to get hold of spare parts that aren’t brand new at this stage and this is when you need to weigh up the cost of new equipment versus repairing the old.

Problems with motherboard, chips and various other components will need an expert to look at them and again this might be where things get costlier. The cheapest route however for most errors is to repair. If you have opted for the warranty that the phone offers as an extra, then this will make things even more beneficial. This can cover accidental damage as well as problems in general and the warranty gives you great piece of mind. You will also get support on the software which some people really find beneficial.

Another reason why it is often cheaper to fix is that technology is progressing all of the time. So, if you got a new phone you would no doubt want an upgrade which will add a cost before you start. One option, if you decide as a consequence of the break that you want an upgrade, is that you could then trade in your old phone once it is repaired to offset some of the cost of the new phone.