Robert Testagrossa – What To Bear In Mind When Picking Paint Colors

When you are redecorating the home it is very often tricky to get the perfect colors, and many of us don’t really have inside information when it comes to this kind of design. Now of course you can pay attention to magazines and interior designers online like Robert Testagrossa, to help you get some inspiration for the right colors for your home.

The best bet however is to simply get some tester pots and try out a number of different colors and shades, to see how they fit inside your home. When you have those testers on the wall, there are a number of aspects which you should be looking to bear in mind, all of which are going to help you to make the perfect choice for whichever room you happen to be decorating.

Space Impact

No matter whether you have a large room or a small room, the way in which we place colors in the home make a huge difference on how that space appears. The reason is that the way light and dark enter our minds when we encounter them, actually fools us into thinking that a particular space is larger or small than another. And so when assessing how the colors appear in the home, keep this in mind.


It is likely that you have already picked out some large pieces of furniture for the room, and this again is going to be an important consideration when you are adding color. These are going to be the main features of the room and whichever color you pick for the walls should perfectly compliment them. This again is why you have to play around with shades. Even if you have decided that a rose wall is the perfect option, within the color rose there could be 50 varying tones. Picking up testers and adding some chunks of each tone of the wall, will help you to get an idea of how the furniture will look alongside it.

Room Lighting

Some people have naturally dark rooms, which are not blessed with a great amount of light coming in from the outside. Even if you plan to light these areas up with bright lighting options, the colors which you have on the wall are going to play a huge part in how bright the room feels on the whole.


And finally there is nothing wrong with seeking opinions from other friends and family members which can help you to make the final choice as to which is the right colors for your rooms. Whittle down your options to 3 or 4, and then invite people to have their say on which colors they think will work best in the space.

This is not an easy option at all and it is certainly something which you should take your time in making. You can always change the colors of course, but given the cost of paint that is something which is best avoided.