Online Shopping: We Love It!

Online shopping is becoming more a natural part of life than ever. The convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home and then having your purchases delivered is something we all love. Over 1 billion of us do it.

But it isn’t just the convenience. It’s the value. Because online competition is fierce you will normally find most companies offering great deals and enticements to get your business. Of course, this is great for us. Maybe that’s why we love sams club coupons so much.

The Growth of Online Shopping

The Office for National Statistics shows us that online shopping has steadily been on the increase since its inception. As of November 2006 online shopping only accounted for a measly 3% of total retail sales. This has risen consistently ever since and by the end of 2019 internet sales accounted for 20% of all retail sales.

Then the Covid-19 pandemic hit. And online shopping exploded. In a period of months it has risen quicker than ever and by May, 2020, was accounting for roughly 33% of all retail sales. A figure which indicates our online shopping habits are starting to take over our high street shopping trips.

Online Shopping And Selling (Ecommerce) Is A Huge Market.

According to Statista ‘the UK has the most advanced e-commerce market in Europe’ with an approximate revenue of £7 billion in 2018. A figure which has no doubt risen since then. Direct business to customer sales via a website accounted for almost £2b of that figure.

The ecommerce market is a huge and ever-growing market. For example, in February, 2020, the category of household goods saw its online sales increase by 6.1% in one month. The second highest increase in any sector. The other being textiles, and clothing and footwear stores, with a large 14.9%

Why We Shop Online

There are many reasons we choose to shop online. The main one. Because it is easy.

Ease of Purchase

Online shopping can be a quick and painless experience. With a credit or debit card, or PayPal account or similar, shopping online is as easy as making a few motions of your finger.

You can do it almost everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, as long as it is legal, you can do your shopping. On a break at work. Whilst taking a walk. Having a tea or coffee. Even when watching the TV.

As most websites are mobile friendly simply turning on your smartphone is the beginning of your shopping experience.

Ease of Delivery

Once you make your purchase you don’t have to think of it again until it arrives. Simple as that.

Generally postal and delivery services are quite prompt and usually you will find they are free or provide next day delivery.

Range of Choice

The amount of things to choose from online probably can’t be quantified. There are billions of products available with more being added each day. For a business to succeed it needs an online presence. That online presence increases our range of choice. A range available at the tips of our fingers.

The Deals

The increased range of choice means increased competition for the seller. They want you to buy that thing you want from them. And they will try and offer you the best deal to make that happen. Some online companies even make it their mission to ‘offer customers savings of up to 50% off typical high street prices’.

Whatever the deals are? It’s a win for us shoppers.

Because of convenience, range of choice and value, online shopping remains as enticing as ever. And as we accommodate ourselves to the ‘new normal’ that is life after Covid-19, with its restrictions and inconveniences placed on high street shopping, it only means that we will continue to shop online more and more.