Names Worth Knowing In Bespoke Rugs

Choosing a rug can be a daunting experience. You want quality and luxury and you want it to suit its surroundings. But with so many top quality designs to choose from it can be hard to know just which is best for you.

You need knowledge. And you need it fast.

Here are some names worth knowing in the bespoke rug market:

Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland is an American supermodel popular in the 80s and 90s. As her career began to wane she looked to branch out and this led to the creation of her Kathy Ireland Worldwide brand.

Kathy Ireland began her brand with a single pair of socks. She then moved on to rugs with another household name in the industry, Nourison. With them, who she describes as ‘a team who have earned great respect’, she released a great range of beautiful, affordable luxury.

In an interview on YouTube Kathy Ireland talks about how to choose the rug perfect for you. “In a home start with a rug you love,” she said. “Start with one that speaks to you. “The colour palette, the texture, and let that be your anchor”.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein, like Kathy Ireland, was already a big name before he got into rugs. This famous American fashion designer founded Calvin Klein Inc in 1968. After the success of his clothing range he broke out successfully into a number of other areas like, jewellery, perfume, watches and, of course, rugs.

Also, like Ireland, his collection comes from Nourison. According to them his rugs ‘present a fresh, clean, and understated style that is authentically Calvin Klein’.

With ‘simple transitional patterns…and unexpected colour combinations’ and utilising ‘surface texture, using wool, bamboo, and other natural fibers’ to make ‘wonderfully modern rugs that make a statement – strong or subtle’.

Klein designs will always be considered timeless and they accurately reflect the typical high standards and craftmanship of the man himself.


With the big names associated with this company you just know that it is a household name in itself. In fact, Nourison is probably the world’s largest rug manufacturer.

This family run rug business has been around for over 35 years and is regarded as a ‘premier resource for area rugs’.

Such is their stature you would be hard pressed to find anyone with a rug collection who has anything negative to say about them. Their name is associated with quality and expertise. They are a legend in the industry.

One designer explained why she loved working with them so much: “When you have a quality manufacturer such as Nourison you know your colour selections will be executed exactly as envisioned”.

Kathy Ireland goes as far to say that when their name is mentioned peoples “faces light up”. That is high praise indeed.

Of course, knowing some of the big names is only part of the battle in making your rug choice. Making that choice is another matter entirely.

Luckily, with such collections and manufacturers of high quality, you know your choice will be a great one no matter which rug you eventually decide on.

When quality is a given your choice will just come down to your own unique personal taste.

With that in mind you want to see as many rugs as possible. A greater variety of choice can be found in an expert rug company which provides a fantastic selection of high quality rugs to choose from.

With your quality and style accounted for all you need to think about is how much you want to spend.