Mixer vs Single Lever Taps for Bathroom Renovation

When mapping out your bathroom renovation there will be some tough decisions which you’ll have to make. Some decisions will be regarding style and others will be based on pure function. One decision which you’ll have to make which factors in both style and function is what kind of bathroom taps you are going to install. The two best and most common choices for bathroom taps are the mixer tap and the single lever option.

Now both of these tap choices will look great above your bathroom sink, but there are some key differences between the two. Let’s take a look at each choice to help you to get the right option for you and your bathroom.

Mixer Taps

We’ll start this little guide by taking a look at mixer taps, what they are and what the pros and cons are or choosing this option. The most basic explanation for these taps is that the hot and the cold water both come out of the same spout. These taps can be operated with levers or with more traditional style taps, one for hot and one for cold. Typically you will find mixer taps such as mono-bloc mixer taps (just one main tap body) and three-hole mixer taps (separate taps and a single spout).

The pros of using mixer taps are that they are great at minimising water consumption, they offer a sleek and modern look and they can also come with built-in thermostats, giving you the option of setting the heat for the water to come out. These taps are slightly restricted in terms of style options, beyond that they are a great looking and affordable option.

Single Lever Taps

Just like the name suggests, a single lever option is a tap which only uses one lever to operate both cold and hot water. The lever on this tap is lifted to begin the water flow and then moves to the left for hot water and the right for cold.

A clear benefit of this tap type is that once you have found the perfect temperature of the water, let’s say for your bath, you can leave the lever in the same place, to ensure that temperature next time. This tap function makes it easier to control the overall flow of the water as well. The reason why this is such a popular choice is that a single lever tap comes in an enormous range of styles, designs and finishes. Ease of operation is another benefit of the single-lever tap, especially for those who have young children at home.

When it comes to choosing between single lever bathroom taps and mixers,  both options are great and the decision will come down to personal requirements and preference. For those looking for taps which help manage water usage in a sleek looking bathroom, the mixer option could be the best. Those who want a more classic look in the bathroom with easy-to-operate taps, a single lever would be a great choice.

Once you have identified the style of tap you want, the next choice will be the design and the colour of it.