Maria Cobb Newport Beach Rentals and What to Look For in a Rental Property

I am very fortunate that my good friend Maria Cobb Newport Beach resident and a very smart women indeed, works for the wonderful Five Star Vacation Rentals business. The reason I mention my fortune is because she has been able to book me up in some of the most beautiful properties in Southern California. Just last month I was there with Maria, in La Quinta specifically on a week long girls golfing trip. In truth, Maria and her beautiful properties has raised the bar for me in terms of what I expect from a vacation rental and if you are looking for one for your next vacation, here is what you should be looking for.


Reviews and the rating of the company who is offering the vacation rental is absolutely vital and you must ensure that you check them out before you go. The best way to receive feedback is through word of mouth and that now exists online rather than down at the dry cleaners. Get online prior to booking and find out what other people have said about the properties.


One thing I love about the properties which Maria Cobb has are the wide range of amenities which you can make use of. If you are going to be saying somewhere beautiful, it makes sense then that property makes the best use of that and offers a wide range of amenities which will make you feel great. You should be looking for things like swimming pools, spas, outdoor areas, fire pits, and most importantly, a great view! Make sure that you ask ahead of time what kind of amenities your property offers, before you make a decision as to whether it has enough for what you are looking for.


Even if you plan to be out and about during your break, it still makes sense to have a property with is well situated. Whenever Maria and I head to La Quinta for a golfing break, the properties are super close to the golf courses, yet the property actually feels a million miles away from everywhere. First you need to think about what kind of place you want to stay in, and what you will be doing when you are there. Once you know this then you can start to look for properties which will fall in line with what you are looking for.

The Property

Finally you must ensure that the property is designed in the way that you want and that it offers the kind of ambience which you are looking for. For example I love to stay in luxury and that is exactly what I get with a Five Star Vacation Rental property, if that is the same for you then be sure to look for luxury places. Whatever you are looking for, you must make it clear to whoever you are booking with so that you can get your selection just right.