Is There an Accurate Time to Buy Gold?

We are sure you must have heard your elders advising you to invest in equity and gold to reap long-term benefits. Have you wondered if there is a designated correct time to invest in gold? Well, the answer resonates no. There is nothing like ‘finding the right time or moment’ to invest in gold, you can start at any time. However, there are some occasions that you can mark with this investment, more like giving yourself a reason to invest. We have great ideas to help you decide when the best time to buy gold is!

1. When Gold Prices Dip: Gold has always been a volatile commodity and gold prices often fluctuate. Keep monitoring these rates, understand the trends, and yes when you notice that the gold price has bottomed out, go ahead and invest in pure gold coins. Why is a good idea to purchase gold coin over jewellery, you may ask? Buying a gold coin is the easiest way to invest in the purest gold form, with hardly any making charges when compared to gold ornaments. Investing in gold is equivalent to long-term investment, so when you purchase gold coins or bars at lower prices, there are high chances that you will gain profit in the future when you decide to sell it.

2. Auspicious Occasions: Indians for centuries have linked buying gold on auspicious occasions like Akshaya Tritiya, Dhanteras, Diwali to the sign of prosperity. There is a sentimental value among people that purchasing gold on these days pleases different lords, and they would bestow the household with wealth and happiness. Unlike earlier times when precious diamonds were kept locked up, a lot of women have now gravitated towards everyday diamond jewellerydesigns that are set in gold and platinum. Make it a point to purchase something in gold on these occasions so that it remains one of the systematic investment plans for you and your family.

3. When You Receive Bonus: Have you recently got a hike and earned a bonus? We know the urge you have to splurge that shopping for your house, self, and family. But hold on, this is another good time for you to route those extra funds towards purchasing gold. It will also give you a sense of containment of the situation and this is a decision that you won’t regret ever.

4. Lifetime Milestones: Certain lifetime milestones of your life should be marked in gold, like your marriage, when you are blessed with a child, your marriage anniversaries, or your parents’ retirement to name a few. Consciously set a budget aside for this kind of special occasion to purchase gold, silver, or even diamonds. They also help you create memories, so when you unbox a chain to wear which was purchased on your anniversary, you are flooded with all the good times that you have spent with your partner.

Buying gold can give you the peace of mind that you are investing your money at the right place, so don’t wait if you have some extra cash in hand, go ahead with your gold shopping today from trusted sources.