How to Revamp Your Office

Everyone who works at a desk deserves a pleasant, welcoming office environment that helps them feel calm and productive. NPS Office Furniture Townsville reminds us that if your current office set up (at work or at home) does not provide this for you, it is time that you invested in creating a better office space.

Home office, in particular, deserve to be beautiful and functional. It is your home, after all, and you need to create a space that can help you get work done at home without infringing on the stress-relieving qualities of the rest of your house.

To help you get started with your revamp, follow these top tips:

Invest in New Tech

Investing in tech is a great way to improve the quality of your work and reduce the look of clutter. New tech is, after all, designed to be streamlined and provide a clutter-free environment.

1. Get a Great, Stylish Laptop

The best way to easily work at the office and at home is to invest in a laptop that can handle day-long work. Choosing the right laptop, however, is dependant on your needs. For instance, do you use an iPhone? If so, then it is best to invest in a MacBook as it makes it easier to connect your devices. You can easily compare Apple laptops online, ensuring you choose the best model for your needs and buy from the provider that offers the greatest discount.

2. Purchase Quality Office Speakers

Give your office the gift of surround sound with speakers that can be installed either underneath your desk or on the walls.

3. Treat Your Gadgets to Wireless Charging Ports

Wires are a mess, so treat yourself to the future with wireless charging ports for your gadgets, and wire organizers for everything else. This will also keep hazards at bay.

4. Encrypted Hard Drives

Keep your data protected and secure with encrypted hard drives you can keep at your home office without worry that someone will accidentally copy over data and delete what you have.

Furniture to Revamp Your Office

No office revamp is complete without new furniture. Some great pieces to invest in include:

An Adjustable Desk

Care for your body and your health by investing in an adjustable desk. This way you can work sitting or standing and keep blood flowing throughout your body.

A Comfortable Office Chair

Invest in a quality office chair that is designed to support your spine. These chairs can get expensive, but if you do intend to sit for long periods at a time, they are the best for your long-term health.

A Desk Chair Pad

If your office is carpeted, get yourself a pad that can be placed under your desk. This will make it easy for your office chair to wheel around without ruining your carpeting.

A Beautiful File Organiser

Invest in a beautiful file organizer and shelves to keep your belongings organized and displayed beautifully.

Remember Décor

Décor is key for creating a beautiful and inviting space that you feel happy working in. When choosing which decorative pieces to add, remember to emphasize the three main components of healthy design:

  1. Light
  2. Air quality
  3. Color

Add mirrors and light colored furniture if your office is dark. Add plenty of air-filtering plants to add a spark of green and to improve the air quality, and above all else use color theory to induce the right mood for your office. Blue might be the best for productivity, but using sparks of red or orange can give your mind a healthy boost of energy.