How to Renovate Your Home on a Budget

While we would all love to do up our homes on a whim, for most of us this is not an option because of the cost implications It is important that you go through your finances and budget for any home makeovers, however, when doing this you may actually find that there are several areas where you can save yourself money but still get fantastic results! We are taking you through our top tips on how you can renovate your home on a budget.

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Give Your Home a Cosmetic Makeover

No one wants to live in a property that is rundown, overflowing with clutter and is outdated in its interior design. If you want to give the inside of your home a cosmetic makeover it is a good idea to start with the carpets and curtains. Get rid of all old, worn-out carpets and fit with either lovely new carpet or maybe switch things up and go with wooden floorboards instead. If you can salvage the original floorboards, you can sand them and stain or paint them. Next, it is time to makeover your walls. All your walls should be ready to be painted which normally means stripping away all old wallpaper and ensuring it is plastered and sanded for a smooth finish. If your walls are not in the best condition, then we would recommend having them reskimmed with a coat of plaster to make the walls good as new. Now is the fun part where you can choose the colours that you want to paint your walls. We would recommend opting for a light, neutral shade which is very on-trend and will reflect the light in your room to make it feel more spacious.

Update Your Kitchen

If your budget allows for it, we would also suggest that you look into fitting a new kitchen if your home is in need of it. This is something that can completely transform the feel of your home. Not only will you be able to get a lot of good use out of it, it will also add on lots of value to your home. If your budget is quite tight, why not just replace the old kitchen units to make the kitchen look like new? You can easily do this for a fraction of the price that a new kitchen would cost you and you won’t have to deal with the mess that this kind of work brings. If you are happy with the kitchen layout and its storage space, keep the carcass and then replace the handles doors, sinks, taps and worktops. When you are purchasing a brand new kitchen, the bulk of this money goes towards the carcasses so if you already have this in place you can save some serious cash on your home renovation budget. Door unit costs don’t cost much and they also do not take too much time to install so you will also save on labour costs. If instead you want to change the kitchen layout, use the existing carcasses and then simply purchase any additional ones that you may need. Fit on matching doors and worktops and you have a new looking kitchen!

Add An En Suite

If you already have a lovely bathroom in your home, then another great renovation idea is to add an en suite bathroom to your master bedroom. Everyone in the home will love this as it will free up any morning queues for the main family bathroom and this extra privacy will definitely be welcome by those in the master bedroom. Should you ever decide to sell your home, this is also a big focal point that will be very attractive to potential buyers. Take some time to think about the layout that you want as you may only have room for a bathroom, shower and basin. A simple shower room can be built on a budget and if you don’t have enough space in one portion of your room, you can even check to see if there is enough room in any old airing cupboards or storage rooms.

Makeover Your Garden

During the summer months, it is great to have a tidy and well-maintained garden that you and the family can spend time in. Try and at least budget for any basic repairs that need to be carried out, mow the lawn and make sure that all dead plant and weeds are removed. This can instantly give your garden a whole new lease of life! If you want to get creative, you can plant new flowers and trees, create interesting shapes in the flower bedding and even build your own patio or decking. Get some garden furniture to place on your decking or patio and you have the perfect place to spend warm summer days and evenings.

When sprucing up your garden, it is also a good idea to get rid of any old storage units that are not in their best condition and replace it with a new garden shed. Garden sheds are not only practical and a great place to store away large items, they also come in a range of great designs and we would recommend choosing a wooden shed if you are looking for an aesthetically lovely shed. For example, this range of sheds from has something to offer everyone and you can choose between wooden, plastic and metal sheds in a wide range of designs and sizes.

Makeover Your Home’s Exterior

Is the outside of your home starting to look a little worn and tired? Then why not add a little bit of character back in by giving its exterior a spruce. Clean up your windows by repainting them, plus painting any doors or garage doors too. If there are any tired features outside your home, remove these and try to widen its appeal by including, for example, any period features if this is the type of property that you live in. Don’t forget to check the Radiator Outlet for any necessary maintenance or upgrades.