How to Play International Lottery Powerball from India?

Being played since the year 1992, the game of Powerball has been a part of the American lottery scene. In the past few years, online availability of the game has made it accessible to many lottery enthusiasts across the world. Online platforms like Lottoland have brought Powerball along with many more lottery games to the homes of people across the globe.

Powerball jackpots keep growing until someone claims the prize. The largest recorded value of the jackpot has been INR 11,302.6 crores, the prize amount for which was shared by players from Florida, California and Tennessee. If you also want to be a grand prize winner, you will need to participate in the game, and for that, you need to know at least the basics of the same.

Powerball – How Do You Play the Game?

Being in India, you cannot buy the tickets as the residents of the USA do. But you can play the game online on international lottery portals. For this, you simply need to create an account on the portal and add some money to the associated wallet. This money can be used at your discretion to purchase the tickets for the game. Once you have the tickets, you need to wait for the draw and results.

How Do You Buy the Tickets?

When you enter the lottery page on the chosen platform, you will see the tickets displayed with the number options ranging from 1 to 69. From these 69 numbers, you need to select any 6 numbers. In the bottom portion of the ticket, you will see the options for Powerball ranging from 1-26. Select one number from here. That’s it! Your ticket is ready for purchase.

In What Ways Can You Customise Your Winnings?

You can customise your ticket by choosing a double jackpot over a regular jackpot. This, of course, doubles the prize money as well as the cost. You can choose the days on which you want to participate and subscribe to the service, so you don’t miss out on a chance to play due to your busy schedule. Choosing the Powerplay option lets you double the value of the tier 2 prizes and get up to 10 times the value of all other prizes.

What Does It Cost to Play the Game?

A single ticket costs you INR 300, but if you choose to double the jackpot and choose the Powerplay option, the cost will become INR 680. This cost is applicable for every ticket. System bets to increase the odds come at a premium cost.

When Do You Become a Winner?

The draws for Powerball take place every Thursday and Sunday (for India) at 8:30 a.m. When you have matching numbers with the draw selected on your ticket, you are declared a winner. The prize tier is decided depending on how many numbers are matched. If all six are matched, you become the jackpot winner. For fewer matched numbers, you could win tier 2 to tier 9 prizes.

There are several benefits of playing the lottery online. It includes the safety of the tickets and security of money added or won. Any personal information shared by you cannot be used against your wishes. Have a safe and enjoyable lottery playing experience online!