How to Get Huge Clouds When Vaping

Many of us have come to know that smoking tobacco cigarettes is dangerous. For a long time, smoking has claimed the lives of many people. Among the many nicotine replacements on the market, vaping is quite common. It has been vital in helping many people stop smoking for good. This has made it popular and has rapidly grown its industry.

Many people are currently into vaping. Some researches show that as many people get into vaping, the number of those who smoke decline. There are various reasons why one may be attracted to vaping. It may be the many available flavors that come with e-liquids or the much-needed nicotine.

With time, there as been a vaping culture that is gradually developing among many people in society. Many people have made vaping fun and interesting by doing certain tricks. You might have started vaping for nicotine but know that you want to do more with your vaping equipment. Among many of the emerging culture by vapers is the production of clouds. Many of those who vape are now interested in producing huge clouds of vape. It is essential to know a thing or two about ‘cloud chasing’ before doing it. This is because it may be dangerous to the clueless. Below are some of the things that you need to know about cloud chasing. 


The type of e-juice you use when vaping plays a significant role in the vape clouds you produce. There are two types of e-liquids. They include those made from vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Many people prefer using e-liquid made from a mixture of the two. This is primarily because the e-liquids tend to be light and are not harsh on the throat. However, if your goal is to produce huge clouds, you should consider using e-juice made of heavy vegetable glycerin. This type tends to produce huge thicker clouds.


Another factor you need to consider if you wish to have more clouds when you vape are mods. Mods plays a significant role in the prevention of fire or explosion. The type of device you use will always play a crucial role in the quality of the cloud you make. For the best results, you should be ready to spend more. There are various ecig mods you can purchase online. Since many people are now interested in the formation of clouds, there are many mods specifically made for that. This type of mod tends to have good connectivity and air holes. 


When doing anything, it is vital to ensure that you are safe. Though forming clouds when vaping may seem harmless, accidents like the device catching fire may happen. It is crucial to ensure that you do not overcharge your device to prevent the battery from exploding.


Vaping is quite helpful when it comes to quitting smoking for good. There are many fun things you can do when vaping including certain tricks and forming huge, dense clouds. Using high-quality devices will be essential for better results.