How Much Do Custom Picture Frames Online Cost?

The price of custom picture frames in Perth can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors which we will discuss in detail in this article. It is important to note that pricing is more than a list of frames with pricing next to them. With custom framing, since there are so many factors and options to take into consideration, there is no set cost for a certain size or a “pricelist” that you would find at other service providers like a hairdresser for example. Additionally, framing is only part of a bigger process, you’ll also have to think and delivery and the cost of professional picture hangers. This article will aim to give you a better understanding on how a price of a custom picture frame is formed so you can make an informed decision on what to choose for your next custom picture frame when you visit your favourite frame shop

Now, before we discuss the factors that affect the price of a custom picture frame, it is essential to explain the reasons why a custom frame is necessary. Firstly, most department stores, home improvement and/or home décor stores only stock ready made picture frames in a standard photo size. So if you have an odd size painting, photo, artwork etc or you have an item that requires the expertise of an experience framer, you need to seek out a custom picture frame, as you really do not have any other option if you would like your item framed. Secondly if your item has monetary or sentimental value, custom framing is vital in protecting your items for years to come as you will receive the very best materials in your frame to preserve and protect the item. So, if you fall into one of these two categories, custom framing is necessary in order to display your item on your wall. 

So in regards to the price of custom picture frames, the first factor that goes into calculating the price is the size of the item you want to frame. The larger the item, the greater the cost, simply because of the extra materials and labour used to make your frame. It is important to keep in mind extra large items, usually anything over 1.5 meters, are considered oversize and the price will increase as most items for your frame will have to be a special order due to the size. 

The second factor that will impact the price of your frame is the actual frame or moulding you choose. Mouldings can vary greatly in price and price depends on the type of wood used to create the moulding, the intricacy of the moulding design, the width and depth of the moulding, where it was made etc. Its important to keep in mind that sometimes comparing the sizes of the mouldings does not always mean the larger one will be more expensive. If a moulding is very ornate and has been made from a more expensive timber than a larger, plain frame the smaller ornate moulding may well be more expensive than the larger one, so you cannot always judge the price based on only one of the factors mentioned above. 

Another element that can affect the cost of how much your custom picture frames in Perth will cost is optional framing choices that you may like to add to your frame. For example, if you add matting or a mount to your picture frame, there will be an extra charge for the material itself, the labour and don’t forget that adding a mat our mount will increase the overall size of your frame, which in turn will increase the cost. Another option would be upgrading from plain, standard glass to a non-reflective or UV grade glass, which are a more expensive material, hence increasing the price. Many picture framers also have computerised mat cutters that allow a decorative border to be cut into a matboard or mount, they can also cut wording into the mount which is especially useful with sporting memorabilia. These options also add to the price of a custom picture frame and price of the options will be influenced by the size of the item getting framed. 

The last factor that may influence the cost of a custom picture frame is the actual item itself. Standard items like paintings, photos, certificates etc are very easy to frame, but items like clothing, shoes, 3D items, or any items that need extra time spent on them to secure them into the frame will incur additional labour charges. Some items can take hours just to secure them onto a backing board to get ready for the framing, with some items requiring intricate hand stitching. 

So, when seeking out a price for custom picture framing, it is very important to keep in mind that the answer is much more involved than checking a price list for the answer. As like anything that is custom made, there is a variety of factors that must be taken into account in order to get an accurate quote. In most cases an instore consultation is needed in order to give a firm quote so take the time to visit your local picture framer who can hopefully give you pricing on all your available options so you can get your item framed within your budget.