Gary Friedman Teaches People How to Add Luxury Home Furnishings to Transform Their Homes

We all have different tastes, needs, and desires and this is reflected in every element of Our Lives including how we decorate our homes. A home is a fantastic place to experiment with different styles and colors, allowing you to express who you truly are. Gary Friedman is an expert on luxury home furnishings.He wants to provide people with the professional advice they need to create a luxury home of their dreams. Some of that will need to be down to lifestyle management as luxury furnishings do not come cheap. However, it is available to anyone who truly desires to have it.

Gary Friedman on Redecorating – Luxury Style

The reality is that luxury Furnishings are not just for the rich and famous. While we may all watch MTV Cribs for inspiration, the reality is that it is possible to find things that are equally beautiful and of equal quality but for a far more affordable price. This needs to start, however, by being creative in what you want. You must be innovative and allow yourself to be guided by your imagination.

The starting point has to be choosing the correct color scheme. Without that, your home will never be nice at all. You should have a color on your wall that matches that of your furniture, although it does not have to be the same. Rather, it is about creating patterns that work, for which you can use the color wheel.

Next, you need to choose the flooring that is right for you. You should make sure it leaves you feeling comfortable. Naturally, you also have to consider the maintenance involved in that. Think about how comfortable it will feel to walk on your floor when you are not wearing shoes. It’s up to you to determine whether that should be a fabric, a wood, a vinyl, or anything else. Bamboo flooring is certainly the most fashionable right now, creating a modern and elegant get natural look in the home.

Once you have these basics in place, being your flooring and your walls, you are ready to start with everything else. Do remember however that you need to get these basics right in every part of your home. Regardless of which room it is that you want to create a luxury feeling, be that your bedroom, your bathroom, or your living room, your starting point has to be the wall and floor.

After that, it really is a case of clever shopping. Remember that true luxury furnishings are made of the highest possible quality and craftsmanship, so don’t be afraid to look in second hand shops if you are on a budget. This will allow you to find priceless antiques and other pieces of unique furniture that will still stand the test of time without having to max out all your credit cards. And if you want them to be just slightly more different, then people like Gary Friedman will be happy to help you restore them.