Freshening up your home for under £100

We’re always looking for ways to save money where we can, and if you’re a home owner you’ll be all too familiar with how your home really drains your bank account! So, when we’re told we can make our home look fresher without spending a penny, most of us will jump at it! With the current climate, we’re spending a lot of time indoors so it’s the perfect opportunity to get things as good as we can, without spending a fortune of course!

Take a moment to reassess

Before you spend any money on new furniture, have a look at what you’ve already got. It might be that there’s furniture from one room which works perfectly in another room. If you don’t want to be carrying and sliding heavy items around the house, consider repositioning objects such as sofas, beds and lamps. You’d be surprised at how new and different the room can feel.


Paint is usually the first thing you think of when you’re looking to redecorate. A new coat or even just a quick lick of paint is the perfect way to instantly give your interior a fresh look and the best part is paint isn’t expensive at all. Whether you change the whole colour theme of your room or just repaint it the same colour, we can guarantee that your room will thank you for it! Painting each wall a different colour is the new trend and an easy cheap way of giving instant character into your space. It’s surprising how a fresh coat of paint can brighten up your room

Painting isn’t just restricted to walls and ceilings. Instead of buying new furniture have a go at painting over old, tired furniture and it gives you a chance to customise almost as much as you like.

Introduce soft furnishings

Not in the mood for splashing out on new sofas, beds or any sort of expensive furniture? Getting new throws and cushions for the sofa are a satisfying cheap way of covering up sofas you’re bored of or adding much needed colour. Why not match your new cushions and throws with new curtains too? There are bargains to be had out there, you just need to know where to look! Think about scouring supermarket’s Home departments or large discount retailers.

Refinish your floors

If you’re a hardwood floor owner, then you’ll probably be familiar with being able to sand them down and refinish your floors. Although wood flooring is very hard wearing and durable, damage can occur and it can really bring down the look of your room. Most wood floors can be sanded down more than once as well, so you have plenty of chances! This is of course is much cheaper than buying a whole new flooring and can often look as though you’ve splashed out!

If you don’t have hard wood then bring in a carpet cleaner, purchase specialist vinyl or laminate cleaner – it’s no secret that a good clean will make anywhere look better.

Dont be shy with art work

If you’ve got a room that looks a bit bare or are just looking to give it a bit of life or character, then introducing paintings and artwork is an easy way to liven up your interior on next to nothing. The price of art work massively depends, and you can choose to spend a lot or a little. The best place to get cheap art work is simple – charity shops! If you’re not bothered about fancy paintings, then this is ideal. If you have kids then framing their paintings and drawings will really make them feel special and give the room lots of colour. Family photos always work too an you can get them blown up into big canvases.