Bathroom Countertops

When remodeling a bathroom the key areas to look at are usually the bathtub, the bathroom sink, taps and the shower unit. Beyond this however, there is an equally important aspect of the bathroom which carefully knits all of these installations together, and that is the countertop. The countertop is highly important to the overall look of the bathroom, and no matter how much space it occupies, it is the glue that helps combine the rest of the bathroom’s style together. As such, it merits a lot of thought when choosing the right colour and material to buy.

As with so many other style features in the bathroom, certain choices are also utilised in many design trends. These are some of the most popular colours and material options currently on the market.

Granite Countertops

Granite offers a rugged feel which showcases a stark contrast against the traditional idea of a soft-comfort and cozy style bathroom. In the modern era many individuals are learning to embrace the more industrial feel of granite and have discovered the beauty which it can hold. Granite has a strong natural design with swirls and specks that can lend itself to a variety of different styles and colour-schemes. The robustness of the material and the colour is what has turned this into a common choice for countertops in the bathroom.

Marble Countertops

For those looking for a bathroom sanctuary which highlights luxury there is no other choice than the overwhelmingly beautiful marble countertop. It is important to note though that whilst this is a popular choice for those seeking this style, marble can be easily damaged. Therefore homes with young and boisterous children may wish to look at other possibilities when picking a countertop. Assuming that there is no risk of this in your home, this is a truly wonderful option to consider.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete has consistently been one of the smartest solutions for both kitchen and bathroom design and this trend continues. Concrete is robust, it can be designed in any way that you desire and it can be dyed with many colors to fit in with your own bathroom style. Concrete is also able to offer a very cost effective option, which makes it ideal for anyone who is looking to remodel their bathroom.

Tile Countertops

Tiles look great and they combine brilliantly with bathroom taps and mixers to bring together all aspects of the countertop and the surrounding area. Tiles can be purchased in a huge variety of styles and designs and they offer a classic look to a bathroom. Tiles are resistant to both heat and water and whilst over time grout lines can be marked with grime, regular maintenance will ensure that this rarely happens. Tiles can be bought individually or you could also opt for a sheet of tiles which are very easy to install. No matter what style of bathroom you have, there will be a tile choice that fits perfectly with your design.

These are the hottest bathroom countertop trends right now, which one will you choose?