Autographs for Sale – The Bigger the Name, the Bigger the Money

Everybody in the world has been star struck at some point or another. Some of us were lucky enough to get close to whoever it was we were infatuated with, getting them to scribble their name on a piece of paper period this piece of paper became our most treasured possession, stashed away somewhere where nobody was able to find it. Unfortunately, as life goes on, we forget about it. But then, years down the line, you suddenly rediscover this treasure. Now, as a grown up, you know that you can place autographs for sale and you start to wonder whether your teenage infatuation is actually going to be worth some money.

Valuing Autographs for Sale

Once you have found back that old photograph and sold it, perhaps for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, you may start to ask yourself how you could be able to get even more autographs, selling them on. Getting those autographs is all about being able to be at the right place at the right time. If you have something that collectors would really like to own, you will probably know about it as they may have even approached you, offering you money for it.

The reality is that the biggest someone’s name is, the more money you are likely to get for their autograph. Indeed, who signed the piece of paper is perhaps the most important factor. Naturally, this is subjective to a degree. An Elvis Presley autograph is likely to be worth more to someone who is actually a fun than to someone who cannot stand his music. At the same time, regardless of whether you like Elvis or not, his autographs will always be worth more than for instance Beyonce’s, simply because of the history and legend that surrounds him.

People also place tremendous value in the autographs of individuals that society does not look kindly upon. It isn’t just actors, singers, and athletes whose autographs are valuable. Bank robbers, serial killers, psychopaths, politicians, and other such historical characters who are perhaps better described as infamous than famous, are all of particular interest to collectors. An autograph by Ted Bundy, for instance, is likely to be worth a great deal more than an autograph from Case Keenum, no matter the fact that Case is one of the 100 most popular NFL players today.

There are many other factors to take into consideration if you wish to sell an autograph. Things such as what the autograph is on, at the condition of the item, the content of the item, the visibility of the autograph, when and how it was signed, and so on are all important factors. But, at the end of the day, what matters most is who signed it and the reality is that the bigger the name is the more money you will get for it as well. Do make sure, however, that your autograph has been authenticated or it won’t be worth much at all.