Allen R Hartman Considers why Some Real Estate Doesn’t Sell

Few things are more frustrating than a homeowner who seems incapable of selling their property. They have put their faith in their real estate professional who has created a positive proposition and included every relevant photo they could come up with, but it simply doesn’t seem to work. Allen R Hartman understands how frustrating and frightening this can be. However, he also believes that there is a solution.

Allen R Hartman on Hard to Sell Real Estate

If a property doesn’t sell, there is always a reason for that. There has to be something wrong with the property, how it is listed, or where it is found that is causing the issue. It is important, therefore, to do a bit of introspection and figure out what the real issue is. That doesn’t mean, necessarily, that you should drop the asking price (unless it really is too high). Rather, there are a number of other potential issues. Those include:

  1. That the real estate professional has used highly unappealing photographs. People view properties in their realtor’s window or online before they agree to visit it. If the property doesn’t look good, it is unlikely that they will want to see it in real life. Indeed, good Real Estate Photography is absolutely vital to a successful sale.
  2. That your home hasn’t been touched up properly. For instance, your kitchen may have a weird theme, your driveway may be cracked, or your exterior paint may be peeling. Those are things that may have given your home character while you lived there, it is not what a prospective buyer is looking for. They want a clean slate and not a million problems to resolve first.
  3. That your home is too personal. If you have a good real estate professional, they will tell you that your home should look like it is lived in. People don’t want to live in a showhome, not in the least because they know nobody can live that way. At the same time, however, they don’t want to see things that are truly personal to you. All the drawings your children made should be taken down from the fridge, for instance. And if you have family pictures all over your house, take most of them down, leaving just two or three for an eye-catching effect.
  4. That your home is too expensive. You should agree with the valuation that your assessor has recommended, even if that is less than what you had hoped for. If you put the price above that, you will really struggle to sell your home because others can also complete that assessment and see that it is overpriced. Or if your home is more expensive than several other homes in the same neighborhood, it will raise suspicions.
  5. That you are much too nosy or friendly. When people come to view your house, they don’t want to become your new best friend. They want to be able to walk around and will come to you if they have questions. If you are constantly in their face, they are likely to simply leave.