6 Gifts to Remember

Some people have a knack for gift giving. They can always think of just the right thing for anyone. If you’re not one of those people and you dread gift giving, fear not. Here’s a list of 6 gifts to remember the next time a holiday has you stumped:


1. A Custom Tshirt


When it comes to gifts, the more thoughtful, the better. Buying a gift for your loved one that shows that you put in some time and effort can make all the difference. So, consider getting a tshirt custom printed. You can create a custom tshirt on www.screenprintthis.com for less than twenty dollars!

Screenprinting is the best way to get a good, saturated image on fabric that won’t fade or peel. Skip the cheesy iron-on patches and put your money into something that they will actually want to wear.

Put whatever you want on there. Make a shirt that’s based on an inside joke or a common interest that you share. Maybe use a quote from a movie or a show that you always watch together. The possibilities are endless.


2. A Spa Day


If your friend or loved one has been working themselves to the bone, buying them a massage or spa day package may be just what they need.

Sometimes it’s hard to relax when you know there’s a lot to do. Even when you’re trying to relax, you’re really spending that time thinking about what you have to do the rest of the week.

When you purchase a spa package for someone, they know they have to take that time out of their day to relax and recover. This may be just what a person needs to come back to life or work revitalized and ready to kick some butt. I even recently read of a spa in NYC that offers CBD infused treatments. How far we’ve come when it comes to delighting our body and spirits.


3. A Star Map


With twinkleintime, you can order a print of the star map of any day in history. Enter a location and date, and the site will generate an image of what the stars in the sky looked like on that night. You can also write a personalized message below the map for the final print.

The print has a simple, modern design that will fit with any decor. You can choose any date that is significant to the person you’re giving it to. Maybe it’s their birthday, the day the got married, or the day they became a parent.

This gift is great because it’s sentimental and so personal. It is a reminder of a special time in their life. It may even be a special time that you share. Every time they look at it, they will be reminded of this important day.

Do some digging and find out which specific dates hold important meaning for your friend or loved one and create a piece of art that they will treasure forever.


4. A Nice Treat


Gifts don’t have to be grand gestures. Sometimes just showing someone that you remembered them on their birthday, their anniversary, or a special holiday is all they need.

So, consider keeping it simple and buying them a nice treat! It can be a cupcake from a local bakery, an edible bouquet, or even something as simple as their favorite candy bar.

Maybe you don’t have a lot of extra cash to throw around. But, a candy bar would only cost a dollar or two and would tell them that you remember and you care. For example, I recently gave my father a coffee protein from Complete Nutrition and he LOVED it.


5. A Water Bottle


An attractive, sturdy water bottle is a great gift for anyone. Whether they are athletic and adventurous and need a water bottle to withstand their trips, or they’re heading into the office and want to keep their tea hot, everyone can get good use out of it.

Kool8 stainless steel water bottle is a great option. It was recently ranked the best water bottle of 2019 by Cool Things Chicago. It has a modern design and works as a thermos to keep your water ice cold and your tea steaming hot. It even has a tea infuser built in for those loose tea lovers like me. No more digging at the bottom with a spoon for your ball infuser.

This gift is a little more practical than the others, but that doesn’t mean that it’s less significant. I bring my Kool8 water bottle with me everywhere. It’s sleek and professional enough for work, but tough enough for play.

I wash out and reuse my Kool8 bottle every day. Buying this gift for someone else will be a daily reminder of your friendship or relationship. And, it saves money on disposable water bottles and saves the planet from all that plastic waste.

It’s a really convenient gift too. You can order it right off their website and have it delivered in just a couple of days. Done. You’ve done all of your gift shopping from the comfort of your couch.


6. Something Small and Silly


I don’t know about you, but I love silly socks. I have multiple people in my life who buy me socks at nearly every occasion. Valentine’s Day socks. Birthday socks. You name it, I get socks for it.

This tip is a little bit more of a flexible one. It doesn’t have to be socks like it is for me. For my mom, it’s earrings. Maybe for you, it’s buttons or pins. Maybe it’s ties. Maybe it’s refrigerator magnets. The point is to find something small and funny and start building a collection for them.

Every time you go to a small boutique or a local artist, see if they sell that item. Try to find the most unique ones or the ones that reference something that your giftee likes. Just have fun with it!

Gift-giving doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. There are a lot of great shops out there with quality items that everyone will love. And don’t be afraid to just ask the person outright what they want! If you find yourself getting stuck, revisit this list to get your thinking juices flowing.