5 Affordable Places for Retirement in Spain

Many retirees seek out retirement in Spain because the country offers a better lifestyle and a more affordable cost of living. Having said this, if you are planning to retire in Spain, you should know that not all places are affordable. Some of the larger cities are expensive, and as a retiree, you will want to make sure that your money lasts for as long as possible. Here are our top choices for the most affordable retirement destinations in Spain.


If you’re looking for a lively city, you need not look any further than Valencia. Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain and is located on the south eastern coast. You will find that living in Valencia is far more affordable than in bigger cities such as Madrid. The city is known for its world-famous City of Arts and Sciences. Valencia is also home to a science museum, an opera house, a planetarium, an IMAX theatre, an oceanographic park, and more.

Costa Blanca

If you travel just two hours down the coast from Valencia, you will find the stunning Costa Blanca region. Retirees living in this region will tell you that the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, the people are friendly, and the cost of living is low. Additionally, the area is very dog friendly. Alicante is one of the most popular cities on the Costa Blanca. With a population of nearly 350,000, Alicante has lots to offer retirees with a thriving restaurant scene and a bustling city park. If you prefer resort living, look no further than Javea, where apartments and villas close to the sea are plentiful and inexpensive.


Almeria Province is in Andalucía but can fulfil all your requirements, including nightlife and entertainment. If you travel down the coast for another two hours, you will find the city of Almeria. This city is the capital of the Almeria province. The population of Almeria is close to 200,000. Those choosing this beautiful city for their retirement will find that the sunny days far outnumber the rainy ones, and the cost of living is remarkably low.


Malaga is the largest city in the beautiful Costa del Sol region. With nearly 600,000, Malaga is the 6th largest city in Spain, and here you’ll find a bustling harbour, numerous city beaches, Malaga Park, and the famous shopping street Calle Larios. In addition, you will also find many popular local restaurants and tapas bars. The town is particularly popular with retirees because it also features multiple parks and a world-renowned botanical garden.


Seville is the fourth biggest city in Spain, and it is well-known for its rich history and cultural background. The city is home to around 700,000 people and is also one of the oldest in the country, dating back almost 2000 years. There is something for everyone in Seville, from Seville’s Alcazar Castle, built in 1300, to the ultra-modern Metropol Parasol. It is best advised that you rent a property here before you decide to buy. This way, you will get to know the city before making your choice.