4 BEST Ways To Move Household Furniture

Preparation is key when looking to move household furniture and understanding all of your moving options will ensure a smooth transition. With Mybekins.com offering some top tips for moving from your old pad to your new one, we look into your options to move household furniture:

1. Hire A Full-Service Professional Mover

For minimal stress when moving, the best option is to hire a professional removalist company. While it is more expensive; if you have no experience, have large/heavy items, or you’re moving long-distance, it will be worth every cent! All the heavy lifting will be done for you. Full-service moving companies offer to provide moving supplies, as well as the truck to ship all your belongings. You can even opt for the movers to pack for you!

Expense, however, is not the only drawback. A hands-off approach to packing can mean you’re struggling to find your socks or saucepans on moving-in day.

2. Organize A DIY-Move

While most people will opt for a DIY-Move simply to save money, it is also the perfect opportunity to reduce clutter. Leaving you to sort through every drawer and prioritize what you really need at the new house, it’s easy to get distracted. Especially with the inspiration for your dream kitchen available at this website

The DIY-Move does have it’s advantages. However, lifting and loading bulky household items can also be very dangerous for inexperienced movers, and handling the logistics of trying to move household furniture can involve great personal risks. Trying to squeeze all your household goods into the family car is likely going to involve a tremendous amount of time and energy.

If you’ve suddenly decided to ditch the DIY-move and are looking for other ways to save money, this website offers a few easy-to-follow steps to help you save money on your heating.

3. Hire Moving Labor Only

If you cannot afford to hire a full-service moving company, but still need help with the heavy lifting you could opt to hire professional movers, hiring a truck/car separately or even using your own vehicle(s) where possible. 

Some moving companies offer this as an alternative to the full-service professional moving service. Meaning you at least have help loading and unloading the van. This option is ideal for van owners who need help moving heavy equipment from A to B.

4. Hire A (Man With A) Van Only

If you’ve already had help with packing and just have the big household items, i.e fridge, bed frame, etc. left to move, it might be worth just hiring a van. With the help of friends and family this can be a very cost-effective option, allowing you to take the move at your own pace and reduce the number of trips back and forth with just a 1-day rental.

Or, if you’re not confident/are driving a van for the first time, some hiring companies offer the option for a van with driver. This means you can drive your family/friends over to the new place, while the van filled with your household furniture meets you there.

To help you decide which option to choose from, you can get instant quotes on the Shiply platform. Good luck trying to move household furniture to your new home!