3 Ways to Do Good and Make Money at the Same Time

As you hopefully know, the vision of ItsGettingHotinHere.com is to spread the message that living abundantly and behaving ethically are not mutually exclusive. They are part of the same commitment and focus!

However, you may find it challenging to bridge the gap between doing good and making money. But if you do a little research and expand your horizons, you’ll quickly discover that there are many possibilities that will help you achieve both goals at the same time. Here are three options in particular that don’t require years of experience in any particular field or industry:

1. Become a professional resume writer.

Millions of people are blocked from gaining secure, stable and uplifting employment not because they lack skills and abilities, but because they don’t know how to craft a compelling resume. Is this fair? Absolutely not! But sadly, it’s how the system works.

You can be part of the solution by becoming a professional resume writer. You can work directly with job seekers, or can work through agencies — including non-profit organizations. Imagine how gratifying it will feel to know that your contribution helped someone get a job that fills them with pride, and helps them support their family and community.

2. Advertise for an environmentally or socially responsible organization.

If you have a car, then a great way to earn some extra money — and do good at the same time — is become a mobile advertising solution for an environmentally or socially responsible organization.

You’ll get paid based on the amount you drive, and just as importantly, you’ll be promoting an organization or cause that you believe in. And don’t worry about damaging your car. A new vehicle wrap will actually protect your car’s paint from dings, scratches and weather-related damage.


3. Teach seniors to use the web.

Obviously, you know your way around the web. But there are millions of senior (folks 60 years of age and older) who can’t even “Google” something, let alone take advantage of online banking or online shopping.

If you have dedication, drive and above all patience, then you could be exactly what these seniors have been hoping for — and for some of them, praying for. To explore your options, reach out to senior citzens’ homes and other senior care agencies in your community, and see what opportunity are available.

At first, you may need to offer your services as a volunteer. However, after a while you might be able to turn this into a part-time gig, and who knows, perhaps even an enjoyable and rewarding full-time job in the future.

The Bottom Line

Simply put:  we don’t have to choose to be good or to be wealthy. We can — and frankly, we should — embrace both; not just for ourselves and our families, but for our communities and, ultimately, for our shared world that will be inherited, for better or for worse, by future generations.