15 Thoughtful Baby Shower Invitations To Get Inspired From

If you, or a loved one, are having a baby, it’s natural to want to share your good news with everyone. A baby shower is the stylish, on-trend way to celebrate the imminent arrival.

You’ll want to ensure that the baby shower is well planned and hosted, and that guests are surprised by your attention to detail and the gender reveal.

Whether you’re organising your own baby shower or you are hosting one in honour of a family member or friend, you’ll need to send out baby shower invitations before the special day, and baby thank you cards after the main event.

Not sure what style, design and type of baby shower invitations to choose? Here are 15 thoughtful and creative ideas to inspire you…

1. Personalised

A beautiful personalised baby shower invitation, baby announcement and baby thank you cards instantly let your guests know who the invite is from. Choose a design that reflects your personality and style, and add the mum-to-be’s name as decorative embellishment.

2. Minimalist

Baby shower invitations that are chic and simple in design are a popular choice, whether you’re having a boy or a girl. If you don’t want to reveal the baby’s gender, opt for baby shower stationery that is colour neutral. Choose baby shower invitations that feature a cute illustration or elegant typography and nothing else.

3. Photo Opportunity

Just because baby is yet to make his/her entrance in the world it doesn’t mean that you can’t send baby shower invitations that show off your favourite photographs. Delight your guests with a thoughtful baby shower invitation that shows you in full pregnancy bloom. Once baby is born you can send out baby announcement and baby thank you cards that star the new addition to your family.

4. Gender Specific

Can’t wait till baby’s birth date to reveal whether you’re having a boy or a girl? A gender baby shower invitation will announce it for you via colour and/or design.

5. Graphic Design

Graphic design baby shower invitations offer the perfect alternative to the popular personalised, minimalist and gender reveal baby shower invitation options. Choose from baby shower invitations that have a decorative border design with geometric patterns, prints, illustrations or motifs in your preferred colour palette.

6. Floral

If you’re having a spring or summer baby, opting for greenery and florals on your baby shower invitation cards sets the tone for a sophisticated event for excited adults. Florals arranged around the border provide plenty of space in which to place your centrepiece announcement.

7. Animal Illustration

Baby shower invitation cards that feature cute storybook style illustrations of animals are undoubtedly a popular choice with many mums-to-be. Watercolour woodland creatures and exotic wild animals provide thoughtful decoration that can easily be incorporated into a baby shower theme. Oh, and there are also unicorns to consider!

8. Foil Detail

Not every new parent wants to announce the imminent birth of their offspring with a cutesy baby shower invitation card. Gold or silver foil detail gives your baby shower invitation a touch of class and elegance. Use it for the lettering and wording, or as a beautiful wreath design around the typography.

9. Motifs

A baby shower invitation that is adorned with decorative motif detail is a great choice if you can’t decide on whether to go for a full size design or embellishment touches. The motif is designed to highlight the wording on the front of the baby shower invitation and baby thank you cards. For a more formal presentation, opt for a pretty motif detail that is centred at the top of the baby shower invitation card, as this naturally draws the eye to the information listed below.

10. DIY

You can always exercise your creative skills and talents by making your own handmade baby shower invitations. Take inspiration from baby related items like toys, baby clothes and accessories such as a baby bottle or a traditional rattle. Making your own bespoke baby shower stationary is only limited by your imagination.

11. Formal

It’s perfectly possible and acceptable to announce your baby’s arrival in a formal manner. A simple and sophisticated design that features your name, the baby shower date and the location can do more than an adequate job.

12. Modern

A modern style baby shower invitation generally incorporates a variety of popular design elements, including calligraphy, a border, garland or wreath motif, and photos. If you’re designing your own modern thoughtful baby shower invitations you can also add detail that reflects your personality. For further inspiration check out online resources that keep you up to date with fashionable celebrity trends.

13. Statement Style

Proud parents can of course choose to boldly announce the imminent birth of their child with baby shower invitations and baby thank you cards that boast statement style. Centrepiece typography on a bold coloured background is all that’s needed to make your invitation stand out.

14. Themed

Many mums-to-be appreciate having a theme for their baby shower event. A thoughtful theme allows you to mix and match a variety of different elements with ease. Choose a theme that appeals to you and select baby shower invitations that perfectly complement it.

15. Novelty


If you really want to wow your friends with your creativity and originality, you don’t have to restrict your baby shower invitation choices to high quality paper. Create a unique custom invitation design that incorporates items like baby socks or a cute baby onesie.