Why You Should Choose to Study in Wisconsin

Deciding where to go to college is a huge step in life and one that can demand a great deal of meticulous research. It is important to bear in mind, however, that it comes with a significant reward, in the form of an ideal new home, lifelong friendships and, of course, a degree.

If you are currently traversing through the many ideas in your mind, trying to grips with the thought of perhaps moving further afield, it is worth considering the beautiful state of Wisconsin.

Quality of Education

Arguably the main reason to choose to study somewhere, the quality of education offered by institutions such as the fantastic Marian University is all-encompassing, from business to criminology, the programs are diverse and provide opportunities for positive personal and professional growth.

Moreover, the university is surrounded by the many astonishing parks and lakes the state has to offer, including the beatific Kettle Moraine State Forest, for those of you who happen to love hiking and the great outdoors in general.

The Scenery

Speaking of parks and lakes, the scenery in Wisconsin is abundant in magnificence, from Villas County to Apostle Island, the area is certainly not without its breathtaking vistas.

There are a huge number of activities to keep you thoroughly occupied while you lose yourself in the setting. Many popular water activities take place on the lakesides such as kayaking, diving, water-skiing and countless others.

The Dairy State

An essential point of interest for anyone marginally obsessed with cheese, Wisconsin is known for its immense output of dairy products, hence the nickname.

Some of the best cheese in the United States is made in Wisconsin and for the cheese-lovers, what more persuading might you need than to have the greatest options available on your doorstep.

Many of the factories offer in-store purchasing, tours and even dairy processing workshops, should you wish to try your hand at the art itself.

It is Friendly

Moving to a new place can take its toll for the first few weeks (or months!), so it is worth considering the local hospitality. Luckily, the Wisconsinites are an incredibly friendly bunch, which can go a long way to making you feel more at home.

Meeting new people and forming new relationships can often prove to be a large part of one’s time pursuing a college degree, making the overall vibrance of a location all the more important in terms of your study experience.

Affordable Cities

The cities in Wisconsin are affordable, packed full of sights, art museums, botanical gardens and a great nightlife. Madison is also one of the two cities (the other is Seattle) in the United States built on an isthmus, offering beauty on all sides.

Learning to budget is one of the most important processes a new student can get to grips with, especially when moving away from home for the very first time. Being in a state with affordable cities is an added bonus that can contribute extensively to your quality of life.

Ultimately the decision is in your hands, but Wisconsin is certainly not worth ruling out of the equation.