Captain Alexis Fecteau and What Makes a Good Sports Captain?

I’ve been playing Sunday league football since leaving college 4 years ago and since I first joined the team our captain Alexis Fecteau has been an inspirational and key member of the team. Whilst we are all very well aware of our abilities as footballers and that none of us are likely to ever play at a level any higher than where we are, there is still a seriously competitive edge to what we do and much of that comes from Alexis. If you are looking to choose a captain for your side or indeed if you wish to become a captain, here is what a good leader looks like.


Win or lose there is a real togetherness about our team and that is something which has really been created thanks to Alexis and the way he is with us. From the moment that you join this team you are put through your paces on and off the pitch which ultimately results in a deeper team unity. Through his characteristics and personality Alexis has made this team incredibly inclusive and he is always so keen on stressing that we win and lose together. This team unit is one of the main reasons why so many of us love playing here.


To be completely honest when I first started playing for this team I thought it would be a bit of a laugh and that we’d win some and lose some in equal measure. It was for this reason that I was actually a bit wary of Alexis when we first met because his level of competitiveness was incredibly high. After a few short weeks however I understood, it didn’t matter the level we were playing at or what we were potentially trying to win, what mattered was that we all, to a man, left everything out on the pitch and gave all that we had to give. This culture was created by the captain who uses key figures within the dressing room to keep that message going. For me personally this approach has really changed my way of thinking about taking part in things, and my competitive streak has certainly gone up a few levels.


Alexis is one of the oldest in the group and that, plus his status as captain, has turned him into something of a father figure to some of the boys, who will often ask for advice and an opinion from the captain. Whenever you hear about great leaders or captains they too are often spoken about as being able to offer this support and it is most definitely something which we are lucky to have too. Alexis may have fallen into this role but he is someone who the boys really depend on and many of them are indebted to him for the time he has made and the advice which they’ve received from him.

The key strengths to leadership are unifying your team, pushing and motivating them to work hard and being a shoulder to lean on when required.