All Free, All The Time: 8 Exceptionally Significant and Valuably Marvelous Modern Tools for Online Education

In this digital age, smartphones have been considered one of the most valuable tools for finance, management, and organization, or even personal safety and security. Its wide array of uses is now much more needed that schools and universities are offering online classes and now play an essential role in the educational experience. Below are some of the great online education tools, sites, software, and applications that will help brighten up your in-class learning.

The tools, sites, applications, and software listed below, aside from efficient and user-friendly, are also for free. Needless to say, it can still be upgraded for a premium and enhance performance for just a low cost. However, the free versions will suffice to your basic needs and can play at least a fundamental role to your achievements predominantly. These modern tools are not only limited to students’ use and can also be ultra-practical teaching and learning tools for teachers, professors, and instructors.

Without further ado, here are some different modern educational tools that will help students and teachers broaden their teaching and learning toolboxes. These tools will allow students to grow and develop more, enrich their learning experience, and open new adventures to online education. Strap on your laptop, smartphones, tablets and keep your internet connection at bay because this is going to be a wild and bumpy ride.


Due to its abundant features, there is no denying that PDFBear is one of the frontrunners in terms of conversion services. It is run online; thus, there will be a hassle in software installation, and conversion is done by simply browsing from your files or importing from the online clouds like Dropbox or Google Drive. The introduction of the drag and drop kind of feature makes the process even easier and convenient for the users to convert JPG to PDF.

Its diversity in its image format is like no other. It supports TIFF and PNG. The privacy will not be a concern as the files uploaded on the platform will be protected by their newest technology and SSL Encryption. It is also a user-friendly site that will help you save a lot of time. With their efficient and effective customer service, advanced features, and fast operation, there is no debate as to why PDFBear is considered one of the best converters.

Office Lens

Speaking about popularity and practicality, Office Lens makes an instant scan through the use of your phone camera. In this manner, you can effortlessly scan documents such as readings, outlines, whiteboards, and a lot more.

Office Lens can also be synced in OneDrive or OneNote; thus, the scanned documents can be easily and effortlessly saved. It will save you lots and lots of time and, at the same time, still have the best possible result. A great feature of this app is that it identifies the dimension of the document. Thus, allowing you to crop, or scan, or make it look crispy and tidy.

Google Drive

Probably, anyone has heard of Google Drive, and if by chance you have not, I urge you to check it out. Google Drive is a stunning and incredibly serviceable file storage and a highly effective synchronization system. This handy cloud storage offers a hefty amount of storage space, which spans to 15GB. Google Drive is pretty simple to use, with its drag and drop facet. This cloud-based storage conveys rock-hard platform support and values file security, thus, making it an excellent way to store your data.


Wabisabi is an awesome professional online community where you can share a vibrant, flamboyant, and appealing collaborative learning experience with the students and parents. It is also a valuable virtual world for lesson planning to make learning a holistic transformation for students and learn from one another stories.

TED Talks

It contains thousands and thousands of videos ranging from motivating speeches and inspiring talks that are given by extraordinary, talented, and unique people you may or may not have heard of. But one thing is for sure, TED Talks never disappoints. It always feeds your brain with illumination to certain topics, pushes your thoughts to its boundaries, and expands your imagination limits.

TED is great not just for students but for everyone. TED provides the most powerful talks and thoughts that promote self-actualization and empowerment. If you are not visiting it, you are truly missing something out.

Exam Vocabulary Builder

If you want to strengthen your vocabulary, then look no more, this application will help your vocabulary grow stronger, expand your repertoire of words, and flourish through quizzes, games, and wonderful functions like audio presentation. With their stimulating, fun, and exciting way to present the activities will keep you glued to your screen. Whether you are a beginner or a native English speaker, the app will greatly improve your language proficiency, and you can somehow benefit to a great extent from this app.


This online platform will capture your eyes as soon as you see the stunning designs. It may be in the field of architecture, motion graphics, fashion, photography, and many more fields that will surely give you tons of perspective. Behance is nothing short of alluring, by featuring new work from talented, brilliant, spectacular, and incredibly amazing individuals with different pursuits and passion to design and art.

Thus, this platform is a sure way to stimulate and cultivate creativity and draw inspiration to the beautiful and lovely things that this community has presented.


There is no denying about the usefulness, and the efficiency Notability offers to students. So it is not a shock as to why it is ranked as one of the best among the tons of note-taking apps available in the market. With its various features where you can annotate images, PDF files, and even GIFs, thus, making it quick and super simple to remember details and to brainstorm ideas for future references and records.

Notability is also easy to manage notes since you can sync it with Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive, allowing you to share and connect with other students. What could be more amazing than that?


Online learning or virtual education seems to be the new normal. So with the help of these tools, applications and software will surely make your adventure towards deeper learning more bearable and efficient. Because learning never stops and what could be more stunning than to have tons of resources and materials at the palm of your hands.