Why We Need The Volunteer Firefighter Alliance

Many think that we shouldn’t have to have organizations like the Volunteer Firefighter Alliance, because they believe that the fund should already be in place to take care of these kind of things. The reality however is that this just isn’t possible and we have to add a dose of realism to things. This is why today we are going to discuss exactly why we need the VFA and how these men and women play such a vital role in keeping us all safe.

Here then is exactly why we need these brave men and women.

Small Towns

Most small towns deal with very little by way of crises and that is why they don’t require a large firefighting service. In some situations they will be able to depend on local fire services to come and help them out, but in the main they will have to rely on volunteers from the VFA to help them out should a situation arise which is critical.

Too Much Money

The same people who are complaining about the fact that these organizations exist, would be the same people who’d complain about the money being wasted on fire men and women who are standing around doing very little all year round. The VFA exist for extreme situations and they are the perfect solution to such events. There is simply no point in equipping big firefighting teams for areas which see very little by way of incidents.


Something which many people fail to recognize is that many of those volunteers who are in the VFA, actually go on to become firefighters when there is a recruitment drive. This makes perfect sense of course because of the fact that they are fully trained and most will have a good level of experience in attending events and situations. This actually provides the perfect training situation for these people and it is why they play such an important role in the fire service.

Raising Awareness

The Volunteer Firefighting Alliance does far more than simply support the fire service, they are also able to do great work in the community in raising awareness. We often see members of the organization in schools and homes, showcasing the importance of fire safety and helping to place smoke alarms in people’s homes. This is critical work which most fire services just are not able to do. As we can see there is certainly a level of prevention which is required here and that is why the VFA provide such a valuable service to the community and to the fire service.

There is no doubt that in a perfect world, each and every fire service up and down the country would be able to fully equip themselves for all eventualities. The reality of the situation however is that this just isn’t possible and that is why we should all celebrate the existence of the Volunteer Firefighter Alliance and all of the good work which it does.