Why Non-Profits Need to be Better at Marketing

The work being done by non-profits and charities is fantastic and needs to be supported. However, one of the biggest reasons this is not happening for a number of non-profits out there is simply because the public doesn’t know what they do or how to support them.

No matter how small the organization is and the nature of the underlying cause, as long as it has value and can be marketed and sold, it should be. Marketing is more than just for selling new shiny products; but is and should be used to share ideas, sell lifestyle choices, and create supporters for compelling causes. The non-profit sector specifically must be able to promote its message and raise donations through various methods which can include a superpac SMS campaign which would allow you to reach a very large pool of potential donees with little effort, or convetional methods like charity events. Unless they are online and marketing in a professional and consistent manner, this will not happen. Government grants and aid funding is on the decrease and as such, individual and small corporate donations are more important than ever for the non-profit funding sector.

This is why the non-profit sector must simply do better at marketing; here are a few basic tips to direct your planning.

Technology for modern marketing

The first step for non-profits is to understand the various channels that are currently being used by those they want to reach, whether it be engaging volunteers or getting the word out there. This will determine the type of marketing campaign that will be planned and implemented. The charity or good cause needs to be where their possible supporters are, and in this day and age, that will necessarily be online via smart mobile devices. It is thus pertinent to be able to market and raise awareness in these spaces. The basics will require cloud connectivity and the appropriate infrastructure and hardware to monitor, interact, and ‘sell’ the cause online.

Social media marketing

Many non-profits are great at sharing what they do on social media platforms, and events, shows, protests, and more can be filmed, shared, and discussed to promote the cause. By using social media marketing to build the brand, fundraise and communicate with stakeholders, non-profits have begun to realize the benefits of targeted and dedicated social media marketing channels and processes. The levels of customer or client interaction required have increased, and webinars, infographics, and virtual events are all now essential to capture and hold an online audience.

Integrated communication

All marketing campaigns and journeys will need to create various linked modes of communication with customers and various customer segments. So, an interactive online space must be integrated with SMS and even traditional marketing techniques to reach as wide as possible. The SMS campaign has proven to be one of the best means of spreading a marketing message and for non-profit fundraising. The recent integrations that have seen the integrated Anedot SMS emerge show just how important the use of appropriate technology solutions is. This integration of texts with the existing donation site has made it easier and seamless for organizations looking for support to reach their target audiences.

The not-for-profit sector, churches, schools, ministries, and campaigns have all been subject to the numerous changes in the economy. There have been many that have simply closed their doors as funding and support dries up. It is thus clear that improved and updated marketing will be at the core of non-profits and worthy causes finding the sustainable support that they need.