Why Interdependence is the Top Digital PR Agency (and More Agencies That Compare)

When it comes to the modern world of business, it seems like there is a whole bevy of services that businesses must have and simply can’t go without. Whether it is time for a company to invest in SEO, social media marketing, or lead generation, there always seems to be a “new trend” in what’s hot when it comes to business.

This makes it incredibly difficult to actually know what business practices are essential and what are not. One of the new trends of leading companies is to invest time and money into digital PR. You’re probably questioning whether employing a PR agency is just another trend, or if it could actually make a difference?

We can’t speak for all digital PR firms out there, but we can for one called Interdependence. This agency is a top performer when it comes to relating to the public and could make a positive impact on your current business state. Here’s why Interdependence is the best of the best, and a few more similar agencies that compare (or at least almost compare).

They get press coverage that scales fast and far

This is the entire purpose of partnering with a PR agency so it should be a top priority. With Interdependence, you are guaranteed to get the press coverage you’re hoping for, maybe even a lot faster than you were expecting. The savvy PR agents and digital strategists use foolproof methods to get your name circulating through multiple forms of media.

They have a HUGE following

The articles posted by Interdependence get a whopping 15 million readers per day. They have content posted in New York Times, Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, and more. Think of the sheer number of people that browse these news outlets every single day, and your brand could be the one these people are reading about.

They use a patented technology for better coverage

One of the main goals of a digital PR firm is to increase the amount of trending stories and posts relating to your brand. In other words, the purpose is to get the conversation started and have your brand be the topic. No other digital PR firm can do this like Interdependence since this is the only company to use a technology called Interviewed.

Interviewed works by notifying the PR agents in real time about breaking news around the world that relate to your brand. These publicists then use this valuable information in coordinance so that more people are actually interested in what’s being said. This increases the chance of a huge media following for your company, resulting in a conversion rate that is 400% higher than average. As an Interdependence customer, you’ll have a major advantage over your competition.

Other Digital PR Firms to Consider

Because of the Interviewed technology we just talked about, you won’t find an agency quite like Interdependence. However, there are still a few more decent options out there if you’re in need of public relations help, including:

  • Bluetext
  • Walker Sands
  • Coyne
  • Racepoint Global